Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas 2011 & Big Girl BED

Well, I can honestly say that we had such a fun Christmas this year.  I feel so blessed to have such an amazing husband, sweet daughter, and awesome family!  We our "party" on Christmas Eve by continuing our family tradition that we started last year of baking and decorating cookies.  Kennedie had lots more fun this year & she was really able to participate so much more.... she really loved the sprinkles.... oh, and eating the cookies.  Here are a few pictures:

Then on Christmas Eve night we went over to Baba's house (my mom's mom) to eat a breakfast dinner & open stocking gifts.  (We normally eat Christmas breakfast at Baba's, but because of Christmas falling on a Sunday this year, we moved it to Christmas Eve.)  Then we headed over to my Aunt Danice's (my mom's sister) to play some games.  After we got home (close to midnight, I think), it was time for Santa to get to work.  This year Santa brought Kennedie things that she needed with a little sister on the way.  She got a big girl bed, new bedding, toddler rails for the bed, a big girl car seat, and a baby doll that she could "practice" putting the baby in the crib and feeding and putting in the baby car seat before Sawyer arrives.

Here it is all set up for Christmas morning:

And, why yes.... Santa did set it all up in the living room only to have to take it all down and reset it up in the bedroom.

Can I tell you how much she LOVED her new car seat????  That was the biggest hit ever!  She sat in it and refused to get out.  Lantz buckled her up for fun and when he unbuckled her she got so mad!  She LOVED riding to church that morning like a big girl.  She still smiles & laughs about getting in it.... seriously- best gift EVER!  I love that she is riding forward now just because she loves it so much!  Here she is Christmas morning in it:  (I wish I had a picture of her in it on the way to church too, but I don't.)

After church on Christmas my parents & Heather & Ellis came over to our house for our gift exchange. Then we headed over to Poppa & Momma Jean's house (my dad's parents) for lunch and a gift exchange.  And then we went out to my parents house for stockings.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to share from any of these events, but we had such a great time!

Now.... can I talk to you about Kennedie moving into her big girl bed?

Well..... she didn't get to sleep in it Christmas night because we got home too late from all the festivities to set it up in her room, and so we decided that she would sleep in it the day after Christmas.  For those of you who don't know we decided that Kennedie &  Sawyer would share a room (hints the Tiffany  turquoise bed and black and white damask bedding) which is one of the big reasons that we wanted to get her into a big girl bed at least a month before baby sister came along.  We wanted her used to sleeping in her room in the big girl bed with the crib still in the room before Sawyer comes.  (We talk about how that's the baby's bed and her bed is a big girl bed all the time.)

So..... I was really nervous about this transition.  Kennedie is a GREAT sleeper- both at night & during naps.  It's always been nice because when she woke up she stayed in the crib until we came and got her.... so I was worried that when she slept in the twin bed she would just get herself out of bed and not nap or sleep at night if she didn't feel like it.

Well, we decided it would be best for her to sleep in her big girl bed at night first and not a nap.  The day after Christmas she napped in her crib and then after her second nap we set up her big girl bed in her room..... Lantz and I were a little nervous about how it would all go down.

So, that night we did our usual bedtime routine.... bath, brush teeth, pajamas, lights off, "Jesus Loves Me"..... and at this point we started walking to the twin bed and not the crib..... well, then it happened- she started pointing at her crib.  We started to worry, but we kept singing and we just grabbed her blanket from her crib.  We stopped singing and laid her down with her blanket and then prayed over her like we normally do, and then do you know what happened?........ Nothing.  She just laid down on her pillow and went to sleep...... okay, I lied, something did happen...... Lantz and I went in the other room and cried.  Yep..... Kennedie did awesome & Lantz and I cried because our little baby  is not so much a baby anymore.... she is just growing up.

The next day came and we then worried slightly about how nap time would go.... I don't know why we did so much worrying- it went fine.

A few days later, she eventually learned that she could get out of her bed and that was when I thought we'd have a real challenge on our hands, but not so.  The first time she discovered she could get out of bed was at one of her naps.  She got up early and decided she was done & stood at the door trying to open it screaming her head off.  I quietly went into her room, picked her up, hugged and kissed her, calmed her down some and told her that nap time was not over with and then laid her back down.  The end..... not.  She then proceeded to get out of bed and scream her head off again- this time louder and madder.  We went through the whole routine two or three more times and then guess what?  She stayed in bed and stopped crying.  I guess she figured, "What's the use?"  She eventually fell back asleep and I went in and got her when nap time was over.  Guess what?  Now we have no problems at all.  She just stays in bed until we come and get her.  It's awesome.... she's awesome!  She is absolutely the best little girl ever!  I'm so proud of her.  I can only hope that it's as easy with Sawyer one day.

So..... the next challenge will be having two in the same room... we'll see how it goes.

If you stuck with me through this HUGE post you get a shout out!  This was a monster of a post, but I know that I will want all these details on hand in the future, and who knows....maybe one of you is stressing about the whole big girl bed thing.

Merry Christmas!  Again.  (Super Late.)


  1. So cute & fun! I love her pretty bed, I bet it looks so cute in her room! I'm so glad the transition to a big girl bed has been so easy. I was so worried about that one, just like you & am so thankful I've been so pleasantly surprised at the ease of the transition!

  2. We worried too, and Benjamin was the hardest transition, and now he's fine. I worried about most all of their transitions when it came to sleeping and growing, because babies in the crib were just so wonderfully controllable!!! Glad it went well. routine from infancy can NOT be over rated. Kudos to discipline- great infant parenting!!! Love you all - Del Rio Fam

  3. I'm glad the big girl bed transition has gone well...that bed is just too cute!

    Ellie has done great too, the only issue so far being that she is waking up too early, like at 6:00 and crying for me to come lay down with her. She has never climbed out of her bed, so weird. She knows she can get in and out of it but it's like she thinks something awful will happen if she dares climb out when she wakes up from nap or bedtime. I sobbed the night we transitioned her too! And I couldn't sleep all night!