Friday, January 27, 2012

Baby& Bump Update

Okay... so here is the belly so you can see that we are growing:

Ummm... yes... we are at the point where it's not so much cute anymore- just big.  I've already started my weekly appointments with my doctor.  I thought for sure I would be progressing more than what I actually am because I feel like Sawyer is so low that she could just slide right out at any second.  At my first weekly appointment I was dialated at 1/2, and this week I was at a yeah- 1/2 in a week is not much at all.  Sawyer may be like Kennedie & just happy & content where she is and not wanting to come out on her own.  That's okay.....

To be honest, we do not have all of our ducks in a row ready for her to arrive just yet.  We just started working on the "to do" list that we've made before her arrival.  I don't think the whole "nesting" thing happens with the second kiddo.  I have yet to feel that urge to clean and prepare... I just at a point where I am making myself do stuff because I don't want her to show up and us be totally not put together.

I don't think I've gained as much weight with Sawyer as I did with Kennedie.  By the time 40 weeks rolled around with Kennedie I had gained 44 total pounds with her.  So far I've only gained 29 with Miss Sawyer, but I still have 3 weeks left.  Even though I worked out while pregnant with K, I think I've been more consistent this time around.... plus I have a little one to keep me busy this time.  I also think I started swelling much sooner with Kennedie.... if I can remember correctly shoes and rings stopped fitting with her at around 34 weeks.... I'm 37 with Sawyer and just had to remove my rings for a few days, but now they are back to fitting.... shoes pretty much still fit.

Sawyer is still a kicker.  I tell you what... they say at this point in time the baby may slow their movements, but Sawyer is still a mover and a shaker.  .... Which is one reason for my lack of sleep lately.  It's been difficult to get a good night's rest lately.... I'm grateful that last night I got a good nights sleep though.

Although I may not have all my ducks in a row ready for a new baby to arrive- I am beyond excited to meet my sweet Sawyer.  With all my heart I am ready to hold her and love her and be her mommy.  I know that God has prepared our hearts to welcome her & now we just need to prepare the house!


  1. You look great!! You are so close. Glad you are feeling well. Hope your sleep gets better. That part was so hard for me.

  2. You look absolutely amazing for being so far along!! I hope I look that good at 37 weeks! Sleep is just starting to be an issue for me and I am only 26 weeks... oh well... worth it in the end!!

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