Monday, January 23, 2012

20 Months

Yesterday our big girl hit the 20 month marker!  Whoa!  Seriously?  I am loving this stage of life right now!  It seems like every day Kennedie is learning something new & really is able to communicate with us more each day.  She is so fun right now, & I can't believe that when I sit down to write about her turning 21 months she'll be a big sister... WOW!  Here is what has been going on with Miss K the last month:

Precious big girl:

- You have had some HUGE milestones this month: sleeping in a big girl bed, riding in a big girl car seat, and your first hair cut.
- You have learned to say a few of your friends names, you especially like to say "EI" (Eli) and "Sheby" (Shelby).
- You are still enjoying being independent at church... no more hanging on to mommy or daddy- you want to run with the big kids or let the teens hold you.
- I don't think you've gotten any more teeth over the last few months, but it's hard to say because it's difficult to look in your mouth.
- You sometimes will get stubborn at meal time and not want to eat.  Sometimes you throw huge fits before you take "one more bite."
-Ummm.... clothes are difficult.  You are still wearing 12 month clothing with a few 18 month clothes that fit you.... the problem is that alot of the 18 month shirts slide off your shoulder because you are not wide enough, but they are too short in the sleeves and waist.  Also, 18 month pants will not stay around your waist- they just slide off, but 12 month pants are about 2 inches to short on you.  Oh, my little skinny girl.
- You try to say so many things now that it's hard to keep up.  Here are a few things that I can recall that you like to say: "weee at" with hands out (Where at?), "Oh me" (hold me), "oange" (orange), "tink you" in a high pitched voice (thank you), "abc" (abc), we will count "one, two..." and you like to finish off with "tree", "Booper" our dog (Cooper), and lots more that I can't think of right now.
- You also know lots of your body parts- you can say most of these, but if you can't say them you at least know what they are: eyes, ears, nose, teeth, mouth, hair, cheeks, hands, boobies, belly-button, belly, vagina, hiney, knees, and feet, toes.
- You still love to be outside and exploring.
- I don't think that you understand that there is a real baby in my belly, but when we ask you where the baby is at you will lift up my shirt.  You will also give kisses to my belly and it is priceless.  I like it when you try to copy us and say, "sissy" (got that one down) and "Sawyer" which comes out more like, "Sawya."
- You are still taking 2 two hour naps a day as long as we are home for both of them.
- You still get your bath at 8:45pm and are in bed before 9:15pm.  You wake up at 8:00am.  My good little sleeper.
- You will cross your arms now, and it's so cute!

My dear Kennedie, oh how I will miss these times of just the two of us during the day.  I know that you will be such an amazing big sister and I look forward to it being the three of us girls together all day.  You have learned so much lately and I know that the Lord is preparing your heart to be a big sister soon.  You are such a good little girl and you are so flexible.  I love to see your eyes light up and say, "Woooooo" when you see something yummy that you like to eat.  I love how you enjoy reading books and looking at every single detail on the page!  You are one of a kind, and every day I look at you and feel so blessed.  I know that the Lord's love is extravagant for us because I understand my love for you.  You are my sweet first baby girl & I love you so much!  .... And get ready pumpkin, cause our world is about to flip upside down!  


  1. Love the pigtails, too! She is so precious! Praying that the transition with baby girl #2 goes well!