Sunday, December 25, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

19 Months

Yesterday our baby girl turned 19 months old!  My, how the time flies.  I feel like I just wrote about her turning 18 months old.  Sometimes I wish I could just bottle this itty- bitty girl up and save her.  I went back and read about all of the new things she was doing and saying at 18 months, and to be honest, not alot if anything has really changed.... here are a few "different" things I can think of:

Sweet & sassy little girl:

- You are now SUPER independent at church.  You used to cling to me, or at least not let me out of your sights, but now you are on your own.  I guess you've learned that we are up there so much and that everyone there loves you.  You are not scared of people at all.  You especially love it when you get to hang out with the teenagers, and they are all so good with you.
- You like to say "hi" to people... loudly.... our neighbors, or people in the store... it's super cute!  You also have started saying the word "bed" which is good because we've been talking about a big girl bed lately.... hopefully Santa got the memo that you were a good girl and he's bringing you that new big girl bed and bedding!
- After spending time with family for a day or two you become spoiled.  After we leave family you just cry and don't understand why you don't get your way.  We easily break that cycle after a day or two of letting you scream things out, time-out, and lots of "no."

My sweet little girl, I love you so much.  Time is going by way to quickly and soon it won't just be the three of us.  I worry that I'll miss something in the transition of having two children, but I'm so excited for you to be a big sister.  I know that you will love your baby sister and be such a big help.  You are so sweet and caring.  If someone has an "owie" you are quick to be sympathetic.  You are also becoming very helpful..... I love how you love to help out.  Thank you for being such a ray of sunshine.  I love you more than I could ever tell you or explain to you, and I'm so grateful that God chose me to be your mother.  You, my sweet girl, are precious.

Random pictures:
Cowboy & Kennedie

No make-up Mommy & Kennedie

Just reading some books.

Mommy & crazy-haired Kennedie

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kennedie sees Santa

A few weeks ago Kennedie got to see Santa for the first time this year.  We've been talking up Santa & teaching her that he says: "Ho, ho, ho!"  I was anxious to see what her reaction would be once we were actually around the big guy.  Well, we do a huge Angel Tree at our church and Santa & Mrs. Clause make an appearance every year, and so since it is free & line-free this is where Kennedie gets to see Santa.  Here is last years super sweet picture of my itty-bitty Kennedie with the big guy:

Awesome right?  So... I was thinking this year would be totally opposite because she actually understands and has an opinion about who holds her..... you'll see how it goes down here in a sec.  First, here is K all ready for church/ and seeing Santa (love the fake cheesy smile):
Side note: she looks like such a big girl in this picture.... also- her first time in hose.

Okay.... so we are about to go into the gym and Kennedie spots Santa Clause across the room.  This girl flips out with excitement!  She is grinning and pointing & pulling her hand across her chest (sign language for please) as hard as possible saying, "peeeze, peeze, peeze..."  We could not get her in there soon enough to see him.  Here we are walking that direction:

So you see how this is going right?  Wrong.  As soon as we get within 10 feet of Santa her mood changes and she all of the sudden has a death grip on me.  The closer we get the tighter she clings, and then the tears start.  You would think I would be the "good mom" and comfort her & not make her sit on Santa's lap.  Wrong again.  I was so mean.  I made her.  Here is the result:

So, after all this screaming she was sweating like a pig.  So, we took off the way cute coat and hat, got a little more comfortable, and watched Santa & Mrs. Clause for a few minutes.  She stopped crying and then saw that they had candy canes.  She then decided it would be okay for Daddy to let her sit on Mrs. Clause's lap.  Result:

Great!  We have progress.  So.... of course we had to try with Santa again since she did so great with Mrs. Clause & the candy canes.  We made Santa hold a candy cane for bribery, and we plopped her on his lap.......

Unfortunately we got the same result as the first time.  Oh well..... I will not tell a lie... I secretly am glad that we have a screaming Santa picture.  Maybe next year she will not mind sitting with the big guy.  

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And her name will be....

Sawyer Sue
We are beyond excited to announce to the world our precious second daughter's name!  I have LOVED the name Sawyer for a girl since Lantz and I got married, and over the years I have brought him over to the dark side to love the name too!  Sue is Lantz's mom's middle name, and we wanted our second daughter to be named in honor of her. Lantz & I both have been blessed with such amazing mothers, so it only seems fitting that our daughters be named after them.  Kennedie carries my mother's name, Danyelle, as her middle name, and so we are beyond excited for Miss Sawyer to carry Lantz's mom's middle name, Sue, as her middle name.

We really LOVE the name, and we of course already LOVE our sweet Sawyer Sue.  We can't wait for February to get here to see the beautiful face that goes with this name!

My sweet Sawyer Sue, I love you so much without even having officially met you yet.  Because you have an older sister I feel like I already know what to expect in some ways, and that just makes me all the more excited and ready to meet you.  I feel like I'm really trying to enjoy every minute with you in my belly because I know how quickly time will go.  I love that you are such a mover & that you constantly remind me of your presence.  Each of your sweet little (or should I say big) movements is so wonderful to me.  You are a mover & a shaker and I pray that you will come into this world to make BIG movements for the kingdom of God in Jesus' name.  I'm so thankful that God has chosen me to be your Mommy and I truly can't wait to hold you in my arms and give you kisses.  I love you so much my sweet baby girl.  

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


LOVE all these sweet children so much!  From left to right: Kennedie, Mikalie, Braxton, & Cason.  This was taken the weekend before Thanksgiving when Kristal and the kids came up for the weekend. I can't even begin to explain how much fun Kennedie had with her cousins...... they are all so good with her!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kennedie + Christmas Decorations

Here are a few pictures of Kennedie enjoying out outside lights, playing with the Christmas balls when we decorated the tree, and finally enjoying the tree from below.  So fun to watch her explore!

Image from Lantz's iphone

Image from Lantz's iphone

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Zoo

Okay.... so over a month ago (yes, I'm way behind in the blogging world) we took Kennedie to the zoo.  She has been into animals and animal sounds so much that we thought it was the perfect time.  I think she really enjoyed it, but I think the older she gets she'll like it even more.

She also got to ride a train for the first time.  We took the dart train from Plano to the Dallas zoo.  It was a fun experience, but she definitely had more fun on the way there than on the way back.   She didn't have a nap all day and so getting on the train wasn't exciting when she was tired and cranky.  Here is a picture of K on the way there:

One of our first stops at the zoo, and probably the best, was the gorilla.  Kennedie loves the gorilla in one of her books that we read, and when you ask her what the gorilla does she will beat her chest and say, "Ahhhhhhh!"  So cute!  So- the gorilla station was great because there was this glass that separated the people from the gorillas, but when we showed up at the exhibit the gorilla just happened to be sitting right in front of the glass.  It was awesome!  Kennedie just sat and stared at him for awhile & kept pointing at him.  Here are a few pictures:

LOVE this picture!

Here are some pictures of her playing with the gorilla statues:

Some of the other animals:

The giraffe station was really cool too because you could feed the giraffe.  It would come right up to you & eat out of your hand.  Kennedie thought this was really neat!  It was hard to get good pictures because this was such a popular stop & there were several people there.  Here are a few:

She loved looking through the glass at the warthogs too!

The parrots:

Here are some of Daddy & Kennedie and some of Mommy & Kennedie:

Overall we had a great family day at the zoo!  It was exciting for us to watch Kennedie see so many different types of animals for the first time.  I think it will be even more fun for Kennedie the next time she gets to go.

Thank you dear God for my sweet family and thank you for special outing days at the zoo, but also lazy rainy days inside.  You are so good to give me such a sweet husband and such a sweet daughter.  Amen.

18 Month Stats

Well..... we have a little super model on our hands!  Weighing in at 19 pounds & 12.5 ounces Miss Kennedie officially dropped into the 1% for her weight.  On the other hand she measured in at 33 & 1/2 inches moving her into the 91% for her height!  That's right ladies & gentlemen..... tall and super skinny!  We are grateful that she is healthy & love her the way she is- the way that our amazing God made her to be!  She is our precious, itty-bitty, baby girl!

A couple of pictures from about a month ago: