Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Zoo

Okay.... so over a month ago (yes, I'm way behind in the blogging world) we took Kennedie to the zoo.  She has been into animals and animal sounds so much that we thought it was the perfect time.  I think she really enjoyed it, but I think the older she gets she'll like it even more.

She also got to ride a train for the first time.  We took the dart train from Plano to the Dallas zoo.  It was a fun experience, but she definitely had more fun on the way there than on the way back.   She didn't have a nap all day and so getting on the train wasn't exciting when she was tired and cranky.  Here is a picture of K on the way there:

One of our first stops at the zoo, and probably the best, was the gorilla.  Kennedie loves the gorilla in one of her books that we read, and when you ask her what the gorilla does she will beat her chest and say, "Ahhhhhhh!"  So cute!  So- the gorilla station was great because there was this glass that separated the people from the gorillas, but when we showed up at the exhibit the gorilla just happened to be sitting right in front of the glass.  It was awesome!  Kennedie just sat and stared at him for awhile & kept pointing at him.  Here are a few pictures:

LOVE this picture!

Here are some pictures of her playing with the gorilla statues:

Some of the other animals:

The giraffe station was really cool too because you could feed the giraffe.  It would come right up to you & eat out of your hand.  Kennedie thought this was really neat!  It was hard to get good pictures because this was such a popular stop & there were several people there.  Here are a few:

She loved looking through the glass at the warthogs too!

The parrots:

Here are some of Daddy & Kennedie and some of Mommy & Kennedie:

Overall we had a great family day at the zoo!  It was exciting for us to watch Kennedie see so many different types of animals for the first time.  I think it will be even more fun for Kennedie the next time she gets to go.

Thank you dear God for my sweet family and thank you for special outing days at the zoo, but also lazy rainy days inside.  You are so good to give me such a sweet husband and such a sweet daughter.  Amen.

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