Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kennedie sees Santa

A few weeks ago Kennedie got to see Santa for the first time this year.  We've been talking up Santa & teaching her that he says: "Ho, ho, ho!"  I was anxious to see what her reaction would be once we were actually around the big guy.  Well, we do a huge Angel Tree at our church and Santa & Mrs. Clause make an appearance every year, and so since it is free & line-free this is where Kennedie gets to see Santa.  Here is last years super sweet picture of my itty-bitty Kennedie with the big guy:

Awesome right?  So... I was thinking this year would be totally opposite because she actually understands and has an opinion about who holds her..... you'll see how it goes down here in a sec.  First, here is K all ready for church/ and seeing Santa (love the fake cheesy smile):
Side note: she looks like such a big girl in this picture.... also- her first time in hose.

Okay.... so we are about to go into the gym and Kennedie spots Santa Clause across the room.  This girl flips out with excitement!  She is grinning and pointing & pulling her hand across her chest (sign language for please) as hard as possible saying, "peeeze, peeze, peeze..."  We could not get her in there soon enough to see him.  Here we are walking that direction:

So you see how this is going right?  Wrong.  As soon as we get within 10 feet of Santa her mood changes and she all of the sudden has a death grip on me.  The closer we get the tighter she clings, and then the tears start.  You would think I would be the "good mom" and comfort her & not make her sit on Santa's lap.  Wrong again.  I was so mean.  I made her.  Here is the result:

So, after all this screaming she was sweating like a pig.  So, we took off the way cute coat and hat, got a little more comfortable, and watched Santa & Mrs. Clause for a few minutes.  She stopped crying and then saw that they had candy canes.  She then decided it would be okay for Daddy to let her sit on Mrs. Clause's lap.  Result:

Great!  We have progress.  So.... of course we had to try with Santa again since she did so great with Mrs. Clause & the candy canes.  We made Santa hold a candy cane for bribery, and we plopped her on his lap.......

Unfortunately we got the same result as the first time.  Oh well..... I will not tell a lie... I secretly am glad that we have a screaming Santa picture.  Maybe next year she will not mind sitting with the big guy.  

Merry Christmas!