Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tiny Prints

Don't you just love getting Christmas cards in the mail?  It's so fun to go to the mailbox & see who sent you a Christmas card.  I especially love the ones with pictures & getting to see how people have changed, or how they chose to take a family picture.... fun!  We love to display all of our card on our bar, and it's so fun to just watch them start accumulating over the weeks.

Speaking of LOVING Christmas cards.... don't you also just love Tiny Prints??  They always have such an amazing selection!  I love all the color schemes that they have going on over at Tiny Prints for their new holiday cards--- so much fun!  It totally gets me in the holiday spirit just browsing through all the awesome choices they have.  It's just all so cheerful!....   The problem will be on deciding which design to choose, cause they are all so CUTE!

I mean... check out some of their great stuff:

I'm not going to lie... I'm loving the tri-fold products!  There are so many fantastic ones, but if I were picking one right now I'd pick the super cute tri-fold one up above.... the one that says, "Joy" "Merry Christmas" and "Peace"... so cute!  I love that I can load it with several pictures & it looks so fun, bright & modern.

You should head over to Tiny Prints & see all their great stuff & find the perfect holiday card for your family!

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