Thursday, November 10, 2011

Baby Girl #2

So I am once again behind in the blogging world.  Oh well.  It seems to be the new trend for me.  I still want to document our life here on my blog whether I'm on track or a few months behind.

Anyways.... Baby girl number two (we are 99.9% sure of her name, but I will wait until we are 100% sure before putting it out there for the world) is growing, growing, growing.  She is SO much fun already.  With Kennedie I didn't feel her move until close to 24 weeks, but I felt this little one somewhere between 18-20 weeks.  Let me tell you what- this little girl is a MOVER!  I feel like she moves ALL the time compared to Kennedie.  I've told Lantz that I think she is either ADD or going to be much bigger than Kennedie and she is already running out of room- either way I LOVE it!  I love, love, love that I get to feel her so much.  It's like she's reminding me, "Hey, Mom, don't forget about me!  I know Kennedie is out there with you, but I'm still here too!" Love, love, love.

I guess I never documented on here how we finally opened the envelope to reveal her gender.  We went back and forth and debated and debated on how we should open this envelope.  Family and friends were starting to get so annoyed with us because we hadn't opened it and we didn't have a plan.  Well.... life was so crazy at that point in time between Lantz's triathlon, Lantz's studying for his marriage and family therapy test, me starting up my part time photography, shower planning for my sister, and helping plan and work on my sister's wedding... it was all a bit to much to plan something over the top.

 I'm so happy with what decided though.  On Lantz's birthday we got up and went to Plano to eat at The Original Pancake House (we had eaten there only once and it was in Las Vegas and we had been wanting to go back).  It was just Lantz, Kennedie, and myself.  It was great for it just to be the three of us.  Well.... we took our little envelope with us (not telling anyone we were planning on opening it).  After praying over the envelope before our food was brought out and debating for like 30 minutes when we should open it, we finally opened it to find out we were having another little girl!  There were plenty of tears of joy & we were beyond excited!  It was such a neat birthday "present" for Lantz.  Kennedie didn't really understand any of it, but it was fun to try to explain it to her & I'm glad that she was apart of it.

Once we were done eating we decided we needed to share the news with family.  When we got to the car we decided we'd send some video texts with the news to family so everyone could find out all at once.  Well..... we were a little teasing in our video.  We sent one of all 3 of us that said, "We opened the envelope!" Then we waited a few minutes and sent one that said, "It's..."  Then a few minutes later, "...a..." then later, "....drumroll (Lots of banging..."  and again, "...drumroll....."  and then finally, "It's a GIRL!!!!!  We are having  another girl- Kennedie is going to have a SISTER!"  It was so fun to tease them and we loved having the news all to ourself for a little bit.

So that's the story.  I think it's perfect and I'm excited to share it with baby girl #2 when she is older.

Now.... here are some pictures of the infamous baby bump that is still growing.  I am missing the 21 week picture, but you'll see the growth.  I am currently 26 weeks as of yesterday, and I've already gained 19 pounds!  Whoa.


I can't believe that I'm already over half way through this pregnancy!  I feel like it's going by so much faster than the first one, which makes me sad because I hope that I don't feel the same when she gets here.  I really want to soak up each and every minute with this new little one knowing now how fast it really all goes..... with that being said I also want to appreciate and value every little minute with Miss Kennedie because I know in a few months or year I'll want to have made the most of every second with her now.  Ahhh.... the joy that these little girls bring me is indescribable, but I wish I could bottle a little piece of each stage up and open it to remind myself of each precious time.

Thank you loving Father for my girls.  They are more valuable than anything and I feel blessed that you chose me to be their Mommy.  I know that they are Yours and I will handle them with love and care.  Thank you so much for the amazing gifts of love that have come through these sweet precious ones.  


  1. You look awesome and I love your sweet gender reveal story! So fun. Glad you are feeling well. You don't have too much longer!

  2. You are looking so cute! I am so impressed that yall ad the self-restraint to wait so long before opening the envelope! I don't think there is any way I could do it!! Ha! What a fun memory of learning about GIRL #2!

  3. You look so cute! Can't wait to find out what you name her. =)

  4. I am inspired by how well you are keeping up with baby bump pics...I feel like my 2nd is already going to feel like I took WAYYYY less pics than of big sister (I might actually have 1 million pictures of Ellie!)

    You look very cute and I look forward to hearing her name!