Sunday, November 27, 2011

18 Months Old-

Really???  A year and a half???  It's so weird to me that I pretty much have a toddler and not a baby anymore.  Although Kennedie turned 18 months old a few days ago, I wanted to make sure that I documented this big milestone.

My Little Miss Cutie Pie-

- You love for us to chase you... especially at night when it's time to take a bath.  Even though you still love your baths, you think it's so funny to run away from us when it's time for you to take a bath.  You just love for us to chase you... you think you are so fast!
- You understand SO much of what we tell you.  It seems like you understand us more often than not understanding us.  I LOVE that!
- You have been LOVING going to church.  Your Bible school teachers say that you have been enjoying Bible class so much and that you participate so much.  When Mommy drops you off you go right on into the classroom & sit down.  You are not clingy at all.... even in worship.  During worship service it's hard to make you sit still.  You just want to wander around.... forget Mommy & Daddy you know what this place is all about & you just want to explore & say hi to everyone!
- You are still wearing 12 month clothing.  Still my little itty-bitty girl.  We'll go to the doctor this week, and we'll see if you've broken 20 pounds yet. (You are in a few 18 month pieces of clothing, but they are pretty big on you still.)
- You now have 12 teeth!
- You still take 2 two hour naps a day for the most part minus days that we are not in our normal routine.
- Some of the words that you say: "peeezzz" (aka: "please".... LOVE it when you say this- it's so cute!), "dog", "baf" (bath), "ball", "no", "bye", "mo" (more), "bow", "momma", "dadda", "boy", "nigh-nigh"(night- night) "mole," "eat," "eye", "uh-oh", "aow-we"(when something hurts), "brrrrr" (when it's cold), "teef"(teeth),  and "jussss" (juice).  You also say "shooo-we" when something is stinky.... SO CUTE!  Y
- You are still riding in your backward facing carrier/carseat.  Hopefully you'll be 20 pounds at the next doctor's appointment & hopefully Santa will bring you a new front facing carseat.
- You seriously love going outside.  You continually ask to go outside, and when we tell you no you throw little temper-tantrums.
- You will also get paper or books and hold them out and pretend to read aloud (loudly- I might add).  You will just "read" and "read" -- LOVE it!
-You are starting to take more and more interest in the potty.
-You are becoming such a good little helper.  You will help us clean up or carry things.
- You now know how to smile!  I love to tell you to "smile" and see your face put on the cutest little fake cheesy smile ever.  ADORABLE!
- You fell out of your crib for the first time a few weeks ago.  It didn't seem to bother you that much- but you cried and cried because your door was shut on you.  You didn't try to jump out again, but we did just lower your crib to the lowest setting just in case.
- Aunt Feather & Uncle Ellis gave you a stuffed cat for being in their wedding and you have been sleeping with it every since.  It is your first thing to cuddle and sleep with.

Precious little girl.... you grow up more every single day.  I love to watch you explore and learn new things.  I love that you enjoy climbing on everything & that you think it's so funny to pull yourself onto chairs all by yourself.  I love that still cling to me in new places and around new people, but that you are becoming so much more independent around familiar people and places.   Every day it is a new adventure with you & you teach me so much.  I can't begin to express in words the gratitude that I feel to God for allowing me to be your mother.  You are my beautiful, fun, energetic, silly, loving daughter, and I love you more than I could ever express in words.  

Excited face

Fake cheesy smile

You like to do this some---- downward dog!


Kennedie sleeping on Mommy.... This NEVER happens so I made daddy take a picture.  Kennedie was sick, and so she wanted to cuddle.

Another adorable fake cheesy smile!

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  1. She looks so much like you in her "cheesy" smile picture!!