Tuesday, August 16, 2011

This summer...

- We found out that our family of three was going to grow to a family of four.  Can't wait to meet baby #2 in February.
-We went to a family reunion with Lantz's family in Stanford.
- We spent a few days in College Station visiting Lantz's sister & family.
- I celebrated my 28th birthday..... got an AWESOME birthday gift from my sweet husband: a new camera!!! (Nikon D7000)  He also got me a logo for my new part time photography business that I'm trying to start up through God's grace.
- I've been helping my sister wedding plan some.  She gets married October 29th.  I think it's really going to be a beautiful wedding & I think Ellis & Heather will be great together!
- Lantz went to South Texas, on the border of Mexico, with 20 of our high school students for a mission trip.  We spent 8 days apart.... the longest I've ever been away from him.
- Lantz & I took 7 of our seniors down to Camp Eagle for a Leadership Retreat for 4 days.  While there we: clipped into the side of a cliff with ropes & carribeaners & went horizontal across, we climbed onto a wooden platform over an 80ft cliff & jumped out onto a poll suspended over the cliff, we repelled over a 180 ft cliff, we hiked, we camped out, and we zip-lined on a 200 ft rope in the dark. It was a great experience, & I really think the teens who went got alot out of the trip.  (And yes, I did do it all.)
- Lantz & took 8 middle school kids on a mission trip to Fort Worth to work with Healing Hands International, & then we went to Hawaiian Falls Water Park with them.
- Lantz preached last weekend & did a great job.
- We played with our sweet little girl tons!

We have had such a blessed summer!  I'll leave you with a picture of our little sweetie:

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