Monday, August 22, 2011

15 Months Today

WOW!  Didn't I just write about my sweet little girl turning 14 months... oh wait, I did.... I was late on that one!  Ha!  Well, here we go again!

My little Pumpkin-Doodle:

- You are not only running around everywhere, but you are climbing up onto things now.  You think you're such a little dare devil!  Brave little one.
- You still do not like the word no.... which brings us to our next fun fact:
- You have learned to throw full-fledged temper-tantrums now.  Seriously- arms & feet flailing & screaming.  You little girl are already in those terrible twos about 9 months to early.
- You still love to go to Bible class, & now you are starting to enjoy even more attention from the teenagers at church.
- You are wearing 12 month clothing now... most of it fitting pretty good, but a few things still a little big.
- Still just 8 teeth, no new ones yet.
-You are still taking two, two hour naps each day.  (Except on Sunday when you get one 2 & 1/2 or 3 hour nap.)
- You LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books.  It's so cute how you will climb into our laps & just point to all the pictures & listen to us read.  Of course you have your favorite books that we tend to read over and over 80 times a day, but it's so cute how you love to sit and "read."  Your favorite book right now is Engine, Engine, Number Nine by Stephanie Calmenson.
- You are making more animal "gestures."  You will pull your ears & act like a monkey, and you will bang your chest and act like a gorilla, and you will pop your lips and act like a fish... so cute!
- You have recently learned how to bite (and it really hurts), but you have not learned that it hurts mommy & have not learned that you are not supposed to do it.  You think it's funny even though Mommy disciplines you after you do it.
- You have turned into a Daddy's girl, which I love seeing.  Every time Daddy leaves for work you will cry now because you don't want him to go.  So precious.
- You are really starting to recognize people (especially family), and it's fun to see you go to them easily and smile when you see them.
- You love to point out babies when you see them.  This makes me happy because I think you are going to be such a great big sister.
- You are going through this phase right now where you really like to be held at home.  You tend to cry when we put you down, but you will have to learn that you are growing up and can't always be held.
- You got your very first "boo-boo"... a scrapped knee.  I'm sure we'll have plenty more of those.
- Still having a hard time taking pictures of you cause you are way to busy & on the go.... most are blurry or of the back of your head!

Sweet, sweet girl.... I love you so much & I pray every day for God to give us wisdom while raising you. I love watching you learn new things & soak everything up like a little sponge.  You are so daring right now & such a little adventurer.  I'm excited to see you with your younger sibling, but not wishing away the time we have now where it's just the three of us.  You are such a smart little girl.  I love you so much and I'm so happy to be your Mommy. 

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