Saturday, August 13, 2011

14 Months (3 weeks late...oops!)

I know, I know, I know.  3 weeks late.  That's pretty bad.  To be honest, we've been busy and when I normally blog (while Kennedie sleeps) I have been sleeping :).  So... here we are 3 weeks late writing about my little rockstar being 14 months old when she's almost 15 months now.  Ha!  Oh well... better late than never.

My little Miss at 14 months old:

- There is no more crawling in this house.  You are walking, walking, and running... that's right.  You are all over the place!
- The word "no" doesn't really phase you.  You know what it means, and yet you ignore it completely 99% of the time.  You have your own mind and once you've made it up there is no stopping you.  I am seeing some difficult "terrible twos" ahead of us in the future.
- You still love to go to Bible class!
- You have been weaned now for awhile.  I think you officially stopped nursing a week or two after you turned 13 months.  You eat pretty much everything that your Daddy and I eat & you drink your organic whole milk.  It took you a few weeks to like the cows milk.  We had to add Ovaltine to it to sweeten it up so you'd take it, and then we slowly put less and less chocolate in it and now you drink it plain.
- You are finally wearing 12 month clothing although most of it is still pretty big on you.  The pants don't really stay around your waist, and tank tops tend to fall off your little bony shoulders.
- Still just 8 teeth.  No new ones yet.
- You still pretty much take two, two hour naps a day still.  There are those random days that you don't want much to do with sleeping, but for the most part you are a pretty consistent napper.
- You are so into your books right now.  You love for us to read them to you.  You just sit in our laps and listen and look at each and every picture.
- It is getting harder and harder to take a picture of you.  You refuse to sit still and when Mommy tries to "snap" a quick one you end up blurry half the time.  Silly girl.... always on the go!

My sweet little girl, you are just so precious.  I love you more than words can describe and I'm so thankful to be your mommy.  You are so smart... you learn something new every day and it is so fun to watch you grow.  I love how you are a little sponge and you are taking it all in.  You have your own mind and don't like to listen when we tell you "no," but we hope that you will grow out of this phase.  Thank you for being you.  I love you so much baby girl.  You are my little pumpkin-doodle. 


  1. She is so CUTE! I love when you post pictures of her!

  2. I have been trying to comment but when I am at work but it wont let me! Just wanted to say Miss K is growing so much and is such a doll! AND congrats on number two coming!!