Wednesday, May 18, 2011


....Well, not entirely.... okay, she's taken a few steps on her own, but that counts!  Monday, May 16th, will forever be known as the day that our sweet Miss Kennedie took steps all on her own.  Without us holding her up, or prodding her on, or encouraging her- she stood up, balanced and made a few steps to the coffee table all on her own.  It was so fun!  You would have thought that the girl made the winning touchdown for the supper bowl the way her daddy & I celebrated!  It was awesome!

I wish I had a picture of some actual walking, or a video, but I can't seem to get one yet- she's not cooperating on that matter just yet.  But, here are a few from the past two days:

Crazy Hair

Still her main form of transportation- crawling.... everywhere.

Check out that mullet, with the rat tail in the back- love it.

"Are you talking to me, Mom?"

"Getting my  balance.... it helps to keep my tongue out."


"Don't make me fall Cooper!"

It's all so much fun!!  And guess what........ My sweet Miss Kennedie is about to be ONE!!!  Sunday our little girl will officially be a year old.... I can't believe it.  We are in party planning mode for sure- good thing her party is the week after her actual birthday.... gives Momma a few more days for some last minute details.


  1. I know I've told you this so many times, but your little baby girl is gorgeous!! I love seeing new pictures of her, and I love how petite she is!! Happy early birthday, Miss Kennedie, and way to go on those first steps!!

  2. What a cutie! They just grow up too fast!

  3. She's so petite and beautiful! What fun that she is walking, can't believe she is already turning one!