Sunday, May 22, 2011

12 Months- AKA One Year Old!!

Wow.  It's true.  I have a one year old.  Really.  It's hard to believe that it's been a year since getting to meet our sweet little angel.  I can remember being in the hospital and being so blown away by this little bundle of joy.  Every day I have thought about how blessed I truly am that God picked me to be her Momma.  She is incredible.

My sweet Little Miss One Year Old,

- Almost a week ago you took your first steps all on your own.  You stood and took two wobbly steps to the coffee table.  It was so awesome.  Every day this week you've taken a few steps, but you are not "walking" just yet.  I think you have probably only taken 4 steps max in a row.  We are so proud of you.  It's so neat to try to watch you balance.
- You are becoming more defiant, and you like to do things even after we tell you "no."  We especially don't like it when we tell you "no" and you laugh and smile and do it anyways.
- You are doing great in Bible class.  Your teachers even commented today how great you are getting at participating in class.
- You are still breastfeeding four times a day along with eating your 3 full meals with some snacks in between.  You are a really good eater as long as you get to eat what Mommy and Daddy are eating.  It seems like lately you don't want to eat anything except what we are eating.... forget that baby food.  (You go to the doctor tomorrow, so we will see if you have upped your percentile in weight.)
-You are still wearing 6-9 month clothing, but I think within the next week or so we'll be bumping you up to your 12 month things.
- You are kinda in a weird shoe size.  You are in a size 2 but they are starting to get to small on you, we'll move you up to a 3 as soon as possible, but they are still pretty big on you.
- Your hair is still blond.
- You are our little blue eyed beauty..... don't think they are changing.
- You currently have 8 teeth, but I think you are trying to cut a few more.
- You are still napping great.  You take two, two hour naps a day, and you sleep great at night!
- You love to watch other babies or small children.
- You finally clapped today for the first time.... (I know, we're a little late on this skill.)
- You are stingy with your kisses.  You don't get those precious kisses out very often, but when you do they are the  sweetest ever.

Kennedie Danyelle, I can't imagine my life without you.  I can't believe that you are already a year old.  Some days I wish I could rewind the clock and hold my little newborn Kennedie again, but then you remind me how fun it is to play with my one year old Kennedie.  I love to play tea party with you and to dance with you.  I love when you laugh so hard.  I love when you give me a kiss when I'm not expecting it.  I love how sometimes I'm the only one that can make it all better.  You truly have become a ray of sunshine that lights up my life.  You teach me so much about the love of our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus.  

My prayer for you little girl is that you'll continue to grow in the Lord.... that you'll seek Him only and love Him so deeply, that you'll long for a home in heaven, and that you'll serve Him whole heartedly.  I pray you will treat others the way you would want to be treated and that when you leave someone's presence they feel encouraged after being around you.  I pray that you will treat others with respect and that you will help right any wrongs that you may see.  I pray that you will be a hard worker and a genuinely nice person.  I pray you will be someone with bold faith willing to share the good news with everyone you come in contact with.  I also pray that there is a family out there raising a little boy to be madly in love with Jesus.... that they are teaching him how to serve God, to be respectful of others, to make the Lord's church a priority, to be a hard worker, to be kind, and to be the man who will one day love you in a way that you'll deserve, but more importantly in a way that will continue to drive you into a deeper relationship with your Creator.  

Baby girl, you will always have a piece of my heart.  I'm so thankful for the last year and I can't wait to see what this next year will bring.  I love you....I love you so much.  Thank you for being my little girl.

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Happy Birthday Kennedie!!


  1. I can't believe she is already a year old. Hope you had a great day!! Thank you for your sweet words and prayers. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! Happy birthday Kennedie!! You are a doll!