Monday, April 18, 2011

Kennedie & her Cuteness:

Here are some pictures of Kennedie from the last week and a half that I keep forgetting to post.

Hanging out at the house:

Ummm... this is her new favorite thing to do if I'm not watching her to closely:

Anyone else see Lantz in these two photos, or is it just me:

These next few are priceless to me.  I just happened to have the camera out snapping some pictures of Miss K when Lantz got home from work.  These 3 are of Kennedie seeing Daddy after he got home from work.  Love it:

And finally here is our sweet girl Saturday watching Daddy wash the truck:


  1. She is adorable! Love her smile. :)

  2. so fun, why don't you come take some of Eli too!

  3. Hey girl! I love reading your blog, your daughter is precious! Where did you get that adorable owl onesie???