Monday, March 28, 2011

A Cowboy's Touch: A book review

I'm so excited to review this book from Denise Hunter.  As soon as A Cowboy's Touch arrived in the mail I couldn't wait to start it.  This was the first Denise Hunter book that I've read, and I was not disappointed in it in the least.  In fact after having read this book it makes me want to read some of her other books as well.

This story is about a girl named Abigail.  She works for her mom's magazine, Viewpoint, as a writer in Chicago.  Her sister is a doctor & prescribes some rest and relaxation for her workaholic sister who is experiencing hypertension.  Her mom sends her to Montana for the summer to live with her great Aunt Lucy.  

Only being in Moose Creek for a few days Abigail is already bored.  She soon meets a young girl named Maddy & begins to help her try to find her missing bicycle.  While trying to find the bike it turns out that they young girl's summer nanny quits & Maddy's dad, Wade Ryan, is in desperate need to find someone to watch out for her.  Abigail is soon hired on to be Maddy's summer nanny.

Wade Ryan moved to Montana with his daughter after the mysterious death of his wife five years ago.  He was a world famous rodeo cowboy with tons of prestigious awards and good looks, but he gave up the life of fame to live in Moose Creek and raise his daughter.  No one knows where he disappeared to, and Abigail doesn't even know who he is until she does a little research on her attractive summer boss after one of Aunt Lucy's crazy comments. 

As the summer continues on' Wade's walls begin to crumble under Abigail and her tender heart.  Abigail allows Wade's home & daughter to flourish in ways they never have.  And Abigail also learns that her hear is treading in new territory as she learns to love.  Will this love of theirs surpass the secrets that they both carry?

This book was SO GOOD!  I could not put it down.  I finished it in 2 days.  I am a sucker for easy reads & especially sweet love stories and this one was both.  I love Nicholas Sparks, but have always hated how almost all of his books have a racy sex scene in it.  Well this book read just like a Nicholas Sparks book minus the trashy scene.  It was a Women & Faith fiction book in which both characters were Christians, and therefore it was a really clean book which I totally appreciated.  

This was a quick, mindless read that I LOVED.  My heart fluttered with excitement as I followed Abigail's story... I really did get giddy reading it. I would totally recommend this book to anyone who loves sweet romance books.  

(Thanks Booksneeze for the free book!)

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