Tuesday, March 22, 2011

10 Months

Holy Cow!  Where does the time go?  I know that I write this every month, but time just goes by way too fast.  Every day my baby girl is getting bigger and bigger.  I can't believe that she is only two months away from being one year old.

My fun little Miss Kennedie:

- You have so much energy & you want to go EVERYWHERE & get into EVERYTHING!
-You are such an adventurer.  You still love to climb up on everything, but now you are less cautious about it- which means lots more bumps & bruises.  This month you got your first black eye due to you climbing up on an entertainment center at Clark & Lindsay's house & falling into one of the knobs.  You also got a big bruise on the same check a few days later by falling onto the windowsill while crawling onto Cooper.
- You don't really like to practice walking anymore.... you'd rather get down & crawl cause it's way faster for you.
- You have balanced yourself to stand for a few seconds without realizing it several different times.
- You are getting better about not crying the whole time in Bible class when Mommy leaves you.
- You are still breastfeeding 4 times a day & then eating solids also 4 times a day.  You will pretty much eat anything that you are allowed to.... you especially want to eat it if Mommy & Daddy are eating it.  This month you've also had some tastes of some sweet things- ice cream, frozen yogurt, sweet tea, & peach cobbler to name a few.  You really like the sweets- just like Daddy!
- You are wearing your bigger 3-6 month clothes & some of your smaller 6-9 month clothes.  Mostly 6-9 month stuff now.
- Your hair seems to be blond & you still have those big blue eyes with Daddy's long eye lashes!
- You still only have your two bottom teeth, but today I noticed that you are cutting one of your top teeth.
- For your nap we only have to rock you for a few minutes & then we can lay you down & you'll fall right asleep- even if you are awake when we lay you down.
- You are napping so great!  You are averaging 2 long 2 hour naps a day.  You sleep from 10-12 & 2-4.
- You can now not only point to someone's nose, but also to their ear.
- Cooper is still your best buddy.  You love to pull up on him & play with him so much.
- You still like to put EVERYTHING in your mouth & we have to watch you so closely to make sure nothing bad goes in.... we've already pulled leaves, sticks, & dirt out of your mouth.
- You are really loving books lately.  Before you would look at them for just a second or two & then move onto another toy, but now you pull them all off your bookshelf & look at each one intently.
- In the morning when I first get you out of bed you are so cuddly & give me the sweetest little hugs!-

Oh my precious baby girl.  You mean the world to your Daddy & me.  We are so lucky that the Lord chose us to be your parents.  You are such a good little girl & everyday you open your heart up to us.  Everyday you teach us more and more about God's great love for us.  I love watching you grow & discover new things.  It's so fun to play with you!  I love knowing that you love me through your hugs, smiles, & out stretched arms.  You are my sunshine in so many ways & I can never explain to you how much my heart swells with great love for you.

Lots of sweet pictures from today:


  1. Loving all the pics. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter.... :) Her legs look like they are getting long. Give her my hugs and kisses!!@

  2. Love the teeth!!!! She is so adorable! We sure do miss watching her grow up! Our love