Tuesday, February 22, 2011

9 Months

WOW!  I can't believe how fast time flies!  My sweet baby girl is 9 months old today.  Every day I feel that my little baby K is quickly disappearing & in return I see a fun, energetic, happy toddler K.  She is just getting so stinking big.... way too fast if you ask me.  How do Mommas survive the clock ticking SO fast.

My sweet little Miss K:

- You are crawling EVERYWHERE!!  You are so fast!  I turn for two seconds & you are across the room or in a completely different room.  You are all over the place!
- You pull up on everything.  You are a professional at using your little arms & legs to get up up onto anything.  You have not quit figured out how to balance without anything yet though, so you are only standing with the help of things or other people.
- You love to practice walking.  When Mommy & Daddy hold your arms & let you walk around the house you think you are such a big girl.
- You like to help Mommy unload the dishwasher.  Anytime Mommy has the dishwasher open you like to pull up on it & pull out all of the things that are not to heavy for you.  It is so cute!
- You are officially "that baby."  Yep- the one who only wants Mommy or Daddy, but most of the time you prefer Mommy.  I feel so sorry for your Bible school teachers because you practically cry the whole hour on both Sunday & Wednesday.  Amazingly you stop crying as soon as I come to get you at the end of class..... hmmmmm.
- You are still breastfeeding 4 times a day, but you are also eating solids after every breastfeeding.  You really like bread (You are your mother's child), & you really like lunchmeat & chicken.
- You like to feed yourself.  Anything that you can pick up & eat on your own you tend to love.
- I'm not sure how big you are yet because you don't go to the doctor until next week.  I am guessing that you are about 16- 17 pounds & 28 inches.  We'll see.
- You are still wearing 3-6 month clothing, but Mommy is starting to put a few 6-9 month things on you even though they are a little big still.
- Your hair seems to be blond to a dirty blond, & your eyes are still very blue.
- You still only have 2 teeth.
- You very much understand the word, "No."  At first when we would tell you "No," many times you would look at us and smile and then proceed in slow motion.  You went through a phase of doing it anyways, & now alot of times you will stop.  Sometimes when you continue on after being told no, we have to pat your hand, "No" & then you will for sure stop.  You definitely have your own little personality.
- You can point to someone's nose when asked where it is on that person.  So cute!
- You are napping much better lately.  You tend to sleep for about an hour in the morning, & about an hour and a half to two hours in the afternoon, with a small thirty minute siesta right before bed time.
- For your nap you know enjoy being rocked to sleep.  Up until about 7 and a half months old we could just lay you down and you'd fall asleep on your own, but now you want us to rock you to sleep.  It is so sweet to have you cuddled up in my arms.
- As you fall asleep you grab at your ear and bend it over or softly stroke it.... so sweet.
-We have been doing sign language with you for awhile now, but you still have not done any of the signs on your own.  The signs that we've done over & over again for you are: milk, water, food, more, Mommy, & Daddy.
- You snore really loud.... I mean really loud.  When you are in a deep sleep and you are really out of it you are a loud little girl.  Your Daddy & I will be sleeping in the other room (without the monitor on), and you will wake us up with your loud snoring.

Oh my sweet, sweet, sweet little girl how I love you.  Every day seems to be a new adventure with you & it never fails how much you make me smile.  You truly are amazing & your Daddy & I couldn't imagine life without you.  You have changed our family in so many ways & we are so grateful to God that He picked us to be your parents.  His love is made new to us everyday through you.  I love you so much and I can't wait to see what new things you learn this next month!


  1. She is so so cute & getting so big!!

  2. She is getting big so fast. Man I feel like it was only 2 months ago when we drove back from Vegas with that little tiny baby in the car seat. Wow, she is growing.

  3. She's too cute! It sure does fly by, doesn't it?