Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Hand, Two Hands: A Book Review

I was super excited to get One Hand, Two Hands, by Max Lucado in the mail because Max is one of my favorite children's books authors.  I love the imagery & foreshadowing of God's stories that he tends to bring out in his books.  I was however a little disappointed with this particular book by Max.

The story seemed to be targeted to very young children or babies- maybe 9 months - 4 years of age, which I thought would be great for Kennedie except that it is a hard cover book with paper pages.  It does not have very much writing on each page, so I think it lends itself to being a perfect board book where babies or children can interact more with it since its primary point is what we can DO with our hands.  Kennedie wants to turn the pages, as do most kids, & the young ones just can't handle the paper pages very well. The art work is really cute & colorful in the book- I thought that the illustrator, Gaby Hansen, did a great job.  

With that being said, the story itself is cute, but not great.  It does rhyme which is always great and catchy for a children's book.  It is not a "typical" Max Lucado book though.  There is not really a story- just suggestions on how to use your hands.  It just seems to lists things that kids can do to help with their hands: petting the dog, combing your hair, pick flowers, button your shirt, wipe tears, wash dishes, etc... At the end there is a small Biblical lesson that you can fold your hands to pray: "One hand, two hands, five fingers, ten... God thanks for my hands.  Please use them again."  The last page summarizes how you can have helping hands, kind hands, & loving hands.

Overall, it is a good book.  Not a great book, just a good book.  There are a few things that would have made it better.  I think it should have been published as a board book since it was not a lengthy "story."  It could have suggested more service things that children could do for others.  It also would have been cool to have had some way to interact with your hands while reading the books to engage the kids more.
I would recommend other Max Lucado childrens books over this one- it's probably my least favorite one of his that I've read.  

(This book was sent to me free courtesy of  Thanks booksneeze!)

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