Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I know.... I am way behind on the whole blogging thing.  Goal for 2011: be more consistent with blogging- try for at least once a week.

Anywho.... onto Maui.  The week before Christmas we were blessed to get to go to Maui.  Early last year one of Lantz's best friends, Anthony, asked Lantz to be in his wedding in Maui.  So before Miss K came along we were committed to Hawaii for 6 days.  It was so hard to leave her behind, but I know that our marriage will be better for it.

I've always hoped that I wouldn't be one of those people that couldn't do anything without their kids.  I'm not going to lie.... I can see why people are like that, & I could easily be one.  Kennedie is so precious to me, & every second I'm away from her my heart aches to be with her.  BUT, I love her Daddy more than words can describe, & I know one of the very best gifts I can give to her is to love her Daddy & to display to her what a healthy marriage looks like.  I know that time spent with just Lantz & me is priceless & is a must.... so, as hard as it was to leave our sweet little precious angel, it was a blessing to our marriage.

Sorry... getting off the soap box & going back to Hawaii.  So,  Anthony & Sunshine decided to get married in Maui on December 18.  We were pumped to not only be apart of this special union, but also excited to celebrate 6 amazing years together (they were married on our anniversary).  Also, John & Crysty, our other 2 good friends were going to be traveling there for the wedding too- so the 4 of us all stayed together & vacationed together.  SO... we got to
1. Go to Maui.
2. Be apart of 2 wonderful people's union.
3. Celebrate our anniversary.
4. Travel with friends (who were experiencing the same heartache being away from their 7 month old).

Needless to say it was AMAZING trip, & I feel blessed that the Lord provided this opportunity for us.

Now, for pictures.

View from condo shared with John & Crysty:

A few pictures from the rehearsal:

Some pictures from the wedding (I had a hard time picking, so that is why there are so many.  I will put more on Facebook):

A few pictures from the reception:

Visiting the top of the volcano Haleakala to see the sunrise.... which we did NOT get to see due to the clouds & mist.  It was FREEZING cold, & yes I am wrapped in a towel.

Here are some pictures from the Road to Hana.... aka, "Don't ever do this cause it's the biggest waste of time ever."  We spent ALL day in the car - from our trip up to Haleakala to the Road to Hana- we were in the car from 4:00 am to 6:00 pm.... barf.  We did however make lots of fun memories with John & Crysty including: "The Legend of the Mossy Rock," picking up hitchhikers & riding front seat with Crysty, "hiking" (if you can call it that), "Hey Cow", "The Legend of the Ant Hill with Ants the Size of Cows," bumpy non-road off the backside of the Road to Hana, "Where are all these waterfalls anyways?," "Crysty do you want to stop at the Seven Sacred Pools?....."No. Skip it.", & lots of laughs... but really we are all just glad that it's over with.

We went whale watching while we were in Maui.  We were so lucky to not only see whale blow holes spewing, & tales, but we were also lucky enough to see one jump out of the water.  We came across a mother & baby & the baby whale was so playful.  It kept jumping up out of the water over & over, & even swam within a hundred yards of our boat.  Here are just a few of our thousands (not really, just seems like it) of whale pictures.... the last one is not of whales, just whale watchers:

And last just a few random pictures:

It was an incredible trip & I feel so blessed to have been able to see God's creation in Hawaii, but one of the best parts of the trip was coming home & getting to see this little Miss Priss, who by the way did OUTSTANDING with her Cowboy & Momma D while we were gone:


  1. Gorgeous pictures...I am glad you guys had so much fun. We were so jealous we couldn't be there with all of you!!!

  2. How fun! It sounds like you guys had an amazing trip. Hawaii is absolutely breathtaking. Glad you were able to enjoy a fun getaway with your hubby! Always appreciated!!

  3. I LOVE all your beautiful pictures! What a fun trip...and I loved your words about the importance of getting away with our hubbies, even when we miss those babies like crazy!

  4. Awesome trip! Looks like so much fun, and yeah for couple time! It is hard to leave the baby, but much needed at times. Love your pictures. What is the effect you use on your camera in the picture where Lantz is holding you in the pink dress. I notice you use it alot and I think it is neat!

  5. First, Chandler and I just booked a trip for the end of March without Channing and boy was that hard on a momma, but you are SO right! It is totally important for sure and we will all be better moms and dads because we do that every once in a while.

    second, the pics look so pretty! We need to go there!!:)

    third, Miss K is too cute for words!