Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just a phase, or just my baby?

So.... Kennedie cries any time I sit her down for just a minute.  If I have to go to the bathroom, or try to cook dinner, or make the bed..... anything.  If it does not involve me holding her or sitting on the floor to play with her she screams bloody murder..... not just a nice whimper- balling her head off- crazy.  I think she most definitely has an attachment to me, which I think is normal to some degree, but I can not do anything while she is awake.

Is this a normal baby thing?  A phase? Or just my baby?

Thoughts or suggestions?


  1. Welcome to the club! Remi can practically run and STILL wants all my attention. He has gotten a little better...I can at least make beds, do the dishes....anything in a room where he can find something to get into (and doesn't take too long). I am hoping Mother's Day Out will help him be better at independent playing. I think this is totally normal. This is why nap time is SO VALUABLE...really it's the only time I can get anything done!

  2. Not just Miss K. Channing is a tad better now, but she did this for a while. If I remember correctly it seemed to start when she was thinking about crawling and had no idea how to get where she wanted to go. Also, I think it happens around any milestone... ie: teeth, crawling etc etc. Channind still gets that was after a while or when she is getting tired. I also think it is a sort of phase and part of them growing up etc.

  3. I think it's normal. Jude has gotten so much better, but still wants me to hold him a lot, especially when I'm trying to cook or get the laundry done.

  4. Let me guess-is she about 6-9 months old?