Friday, January 28, 2011

The Beginning Reader's Bible: A Book Review

I was so excited when The Beginning Reader's Bible showed up at the house yesterday.  It is a really cool starter Bible for little ones, actually it is more like a Bible story book rather than a Bible.  It is probably best for ages 2- 10.  The cover is a really great hard cover, & it is just a foreshadowing of all the incredible art work throughout the book.  All the pages are full color, bright, & cheerful!  I think that the illustrations in this book sets it apart from all other beginning Bibles that I've seen.  The pictures are PERFECT for little ones, & it helps bring the Bible stories to life!  The illustrator, Marijke ten Cate, really did a phenomenal job!

This Bible is set up with 13 stories from the Old Testament, 13 stories from the New Testament, & then 12 resources in the back.  One needs to be aware that this is not the entire Bible, but only a small collection of Bible stories.  The text for this Bible is taken from the International Children's Bible, so the translation is excellent for a child's comprehension.  There is a red ribbon book marker attached to the Bible also so it's easy to find where you left off.

The cool thing about this Bible is that on almost every page along with the Bible story there is a box with something extra.  There are 3 different things that appear in the boxes throughout the Bible.  One is "Remember God's Word," in which it gives memory verses for children to memorize.  Another box theme is "Pray God's Word."  In this box there are different verses taken from Psalms that kids can read & pray.  The last box theme is " Do God's Word," which is where it challenges children to put God's words into action.  This particular box is my favorite throughout cause there are really great applications for children that apply to their lives.  For example after the story of Joseph in the "Do God's Word" box it explains that he could have been very mean to his brothers for how they treated him, but he chose to be kind & forgive them.  It challenges children to also be kind to others & when someone hurts your feelings instead of saying something mean try to say something nice about that person.  Other cool applications include: drawing, looking at the stars, learning the phrase "God loves you" in 6 different languages, & lots of other cool things.

In the back there are a couple of cool references like The Ten Commandments, selected verses from Proverbs, the 12 apostles listed, the 12 tribes of Israel listed, songs, & several other things.  There is also a chart where  a child can record the dates that they read the stories from this Bible, & a chart where they can record the date that the memorized the verses from the "Remember God's Word" boxes.

As much as I enjoyed this children's Bible there is one thing that will prevent me from recommending it.  The last page is a prayer that the publisher has provided that is titled "Prayer of Salvation" for a child to say.  After reading & studying scripture over & over, I cannot find this prayer anywhere in the Bible.  As I study scripture I find many different passages referencing salvation: scriptures about believing, repenting, confessing, obeying God's teachings, being baptized, & living in Christ, but I don't find any scripture leading me to pray a certain prayer for salvation.  I don't feel I can recommend this book based on the last page in this children's Bible.  I feel this page is very misleading, & it is the only thing I do not like about this Bible.

(Book provided by booksneeze.  Thanks booksneeze!)

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