Saturday, January 22, 2011

8 Months

Wow!  Am I really writing this post right now?  I really can't believe that I have an 8 month old daughter.  You really don't know how fast time flies until you have a baby.  This month as brought lots of fun milestones.  It seems like she is learning something new everyday.

My sweet little Kennedie:

- You now know how to crawl!  That's right- you are a moving little girl.  It's funny though, cause even though you know how to crawl we still have to tempt you with something across the room before you will start moving.  Most of the time if you want us you will just sit & cry & look at us 'til we come get you- it's like you haven't figured out that you can actually move to us.  Love it.
- Besides crawling you LOVE to pull up on anything, & you really like it when we help you walk.  I almost think you'll start walking soon because you enjoy it so much.
- You are so much more attached to me.  You don't want me to leave your sight.  Most of the time you don't even want to play with your toys unless I am playing with you.  You just seem to want to be in my arms or your Daddy's arms.
- You learned to wave this month.  I don't think you fully understand the purpose, but you just wiggle your little hand and move it all around at people all the time. Adorable.
- Recently you have discovered that your finger fits perfectly into your nose, & you think it's so funny to stick it up there.
- You are still wearing 3-6 month clothing, although lately it seems you may be putting on a little bit more weight.
- You are now only breastfeeding 4 times a day.
- You are expanding your horizons on the solid food frontier.  I talked to your doctor about how picky you were with baby food, & she suggested start giving you what we were eating (just throw it all in the blender).  Well- now you eat almost EVERYTHING!  As long as Mommy & Daddy are eating it- then you want it to.  So you now seem to be such a BIG eater.  You really like smoked turkey lunch meat.
- You have figured out how your hands work.  You can now put Puffs & green beans, & other foods into your mouth all on your own.  You can also drink your sippy cup (sometimes on your own, but most of the time we have to help you).
-Your hair seems to be growing really fast now, & your eyes are still blue.
- This month you also got your first two teeth!  They are your bottom middle ones.
- On a different note, you are not napping very good lately.  It seems like your morning nap you do pretty good sleeping- about 1 hour & 15 minutes to 1 hour & 30 minutes.  Your afternoon naps are a completely different story.  It seems like you sleep 30-50 minutes & then you wake up screaming your head off.  I try to calm you down & get you back to sleep, but you typically will have nothing to do with that.  I hope that you will get better at your afternoon naps, because I really think that you still need to take one.  When you do happen to get a longer afternoon nap in- it seems you are less fussy & cranky in the evening.
- My most favorite thing that you have learned this month is how to give kisses!  You just learned it a few days ago.  This is the sweetest thing that you do.... it just melts my heart. We will ask if you can give us kisses & then we pucker up, & then you move your open little mouth right to ours.... PRICELESS. Here is a picture of the sweetness:

My precious baby girl.... Words can't begin to express my deep love for you.  Every day you seem to melt my heart in new ways.  When you smile & giggle, I can't help but to smile too.  You allow me to experience God's love in a whole new way.  You are so much fun & so lovable.  I'm so thankful to your Daddy for being such a good man & working so hard so that I can stay home with you.  We are two very lucky girls.  I love you so much!

Here are a few more pictures from the last week: 


  1. Jessica--that 2nd to last picture of her is BEAUTIFUL--that needs to go in a frame! :)

  2. I agree...2nd to last picture..frame it! ;) After reading yours and Lantz blog it makes me want to hop in my car and drive to Dallas. However, I just remembered it is a longer trip than I want to make for one day. So, instead just tell her we miss her and we can't wait to see the Howard family sometime soon. Give her a wave...oh yes and make sure you give her a kiss from her Aunt K. Love you all!

  3. She is just TOO CUTE!!! I can't stand it! :)

  4. I love her kissy face! That is precious. She is so beautiful!