Sunday, September 26, 2010

4 Month Stats

4 Month Doctor's Stats are in:

Weight: 12lbs & .05oz (17%)
Length: 25 & 1/4" (81%)
Head Circum.: 16 & 1/4" (57%)

As you can see Kennedie is growing... but not so fast in her weight. She should have been about 14lbs at this months visit, but was lacking a little when we went in on Friday. The doctor did not seem to worried because she is growing in length & head circumference. Kennedie is just not a big eater. I offer her more to eat & she is typically uninterested. She is a very happy baby, & so I assume she is getting just what she needs. She is meeting all her mile markers, so I guess she is just a petite little girl.

The doctor said we could start feeding her rice cereal this week & that may help her put on some more weight. Not sure just yet if we will start this week or not. She is already very interested in table food.... she watches Lantz and I eat very intently & almost tries to hold her hands out to get some herself. Don't know. We'll see. I don't think it's a big deal either way. It will be fun when we do start her on some solid food just to see her reaction.... it's always exciting to see her do or try something new. Any thoughts?

Oh, I forgot to mention in the last post that Kennedie is still wearing her 0-3 month clothing (obviously, based on her lack of weight gain). It's weird that she is now over 4 months old and still in 0-3 month, but I guess those are just generals & not for everyone. She has worn a few of her smaller 3-6 month outfits (outfit above is one).

So our little girl may not be the bulkiest on the block, but she may be the tallest..... check out that length! She will be tall like Daddy I guess. Either way- she is still the cutest & most precious baby ever.... and we believe she is perfect just the way God made her!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

4 Months

WOW! Can it be? Do I really have a four month old???

I can't believe that my sweet little Miss K is already 4 months old. Where does the time go? I can't imagine having had to go back to work.... I already feel as if I don't have enough time in the day to really soak her all in. Every day I'm so thankful that the Lord has provided for our family so that I am able to completely enjoy our little girl & raise her. It's so nice to get to focus on her & be able to take care of our home.

There are so many things I enjoy with Kennedie. I love being able to have daily Bible lessons with her. It's one of my favorite times of day because it is one of Kennedie's favorite times of day. She just stares & listens & smiles so much during our lesson. We start with praise time in which we sing songs, then I tell her a short Bible lesson & explain how we can apply it to our life, then we sing the "This is the Bible..." song while patting her Bible, then we open her Bible and read a short scripture together, then we sing the "...Talk to God" song, and then we pray together. It is a HUGE blessing to be able to share this time with our sweet little girl & to be able at such a young age to start impressing our faith & God's love on her.

I also LOVE to hear our little girl belly laugh.... yep that's right- belly laugh. Sometimes at just the right moment she'll get so tickled about something that she laughs so hard - right from her gut & her little face with just glow with laughter..... LOVE IT!

I also love putting her in her Bumbo chair and letting her help me around the kitchen. She is normally so interested in what goes on in the kitchen. She'll just watch me so intently while I'm cooking or cleaning, or putting groceries away. So sweet.

I feel like Kennedie is growing so big, but then I look at her sometimes and realize just how small she still is. She is a pretty petite baby. Most people are surprised to find out just how old she really is. They always comment on how small she is or how dainty her facial features are. I'm not sure how much she weighs right now- we have her four month check up on Friday, so I'll let you know after we find out.

Some things Kennedie loves right now:

1. Her Daddy!!! She lights up when Lantz comes home for lunch of after work. She loves her Daddy so much!

2. Her Momma. I'm so thankful that Kennedie loves to be with me. Sometimes she'll be crying & then I'll get her & she'll just stop. Talk about melt my heart.... I love that I'm no longer just the milk supply, but I'm Momma now.

3. Sitting up. Don't hold her like a baby. She DOES NOT like that at all. She thinks she is a big girl.

4. Baths. Yep. Still loves the water, but at least she doesn't cry any more when we take her out.

5. Bible class. Kennedie's Bible school teachers always comment on how good she is in class & how alert & awake she always is for class. They say she watches & listens to everything.

6. Cooper. Kennedie is so interested in Cooper. She'll just watch him, & if he's close enough she'll grab a big handful of his hair. (Cooper likes K too-- he licks her face all the time.)

7. Outside. She loves to walk outside & catch a minute of sunshine, or go on walks in the Bob, or sit in her Bumbo in the shade while we work in the yard.

8. Naps. Kennedie takes 4 naps a day. She typically sleeps for about and hour to an hour and a half. She is funny about her naps though. She DOES NOT like to be cuddled or rocked to sleep. She likes to be laid down on her side with Baloo (her Wubba Nub bear pacifier), & no one touching her. Then she'll just drift off to sleep within a minute of laying her down. So funny how particular she is. It's nice in so many ways, but often we are at a place where I can't lay her down & I need her to fall asleep in my arms, but she won't.... she'll just cry until I can lay her down. Silly girl.

There are so many more things I could write about Miss Kennedie. She is the apple of our eyes & we feel so blessed to be her parents. She is so much fun, and she really is a good baby. In so many ways I can't believe that we have a baby, but in other ways I can't imagine Kennedie not being apart of our lives. She is apart of us in every way. I can't say it enough- we are blessed. And just for fun here are two more pictures:


Monday, September 20, 2010

Catch Up

Okay, so life turned a little crazy last week. Let me catch you up on some happenings.... and unfortunately I was not the best documenter & don't have many pictures to show for everything.

Last Saturday I was blessed to go to my friend Ife's wedding shower. It's so nice to be back close to friends so that I can participate in major events of their life & not be halfway around the country. It was the first time I was able to meet her fiance, Bari, and I liked him alot- he seemed like a really nice guy & I'm so happy for them. It was a couples shower so Lantz & Kennedie tagged along too. Oh, I also got to see several old friends from college & meet a couple of new people too! It was great & we are looking forward to the wedding in November. (It would be great to have some pictures from the shower & Ife meeting Kennedie for the first time, but my camera battery wasn't charged.)

Then Sunday we had the youth committee (some parents) over to our house to start dreaming & planning & to begin to cast a vision for our kids here in McKinney. We had some yummy homemade ice cream too! That night Lantz and I attended the middle school devo- again no photo, sorry.

Then it got crazy. Tuesday Mom went with Kennedie & I to Ladies Bible class... not so crazy, but then we took off shopping for Lantz's 30th surprise birthday party. The party was this past Saturday, but boy was it stressful to get everything in order without him finding out.... it took Mom & me pretty much all day on Tuesday to get everything all done. (Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday we went to the D6 Family Conference in Frisco all day. Great conference, but again, no photos.)

Friday night Lantz's sister, Kristal, came in town because she was going to "meet friends in Dallas" on Saturday (not really, she was there for the party). So, Saturday Kristal left to "meet her friends" & I had my mom come over to watch Kennedie so I could take Lantz on an afternoon date. I took him to hit range balls at the golf course, & then we walked the square & got gelato. While I was taking Lantz out, Kristal picked up a few things for the party & then my mom & her let people into our house & decorated. When we got back from our date Lantz walked into our house to his friends & family screaming "SURPRISE!!" It was so much fun! We grilled out burgers & made homemade ice cream & then just enjoyed the day together. We made a video of our favorite 30 memories with Lantz & watched it. Now would be a great time for some pictures, but I only got one..... it is Eli & Kennedie taking a nap together in K's crib:

Anthony & Sunshine stayed the night at our house and went to church with us & then we went out to eat some yummy bbq for lunch. It was fun for us to introduce Anthony & Sunshine to Kennedie for the first time, but again I didn't get any pictures to document it.

So yeah.... that pretty much catches us up to today. I do have some pictures of Kennedie over the last week and half though.....


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mom & Daughter

I promised a few weeks ago that I'd post up a picture of me & Kennedie both wearing the same dress so we could see if she favors me at all. You'll see cute little Miss K on the left and then I'm on the right. Lantz was going to post up a picture of him in the red dress as a baby, but he couldn't find one... ha! Anywho....... tell me what you think?? I think she definitely has Lantz's nose- not mine.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Baby Girl....

And because who could pick just one picture?

Every day is so much fun!!