Tuesday, February 2, 2010

um... pain

So, my inner thigh- groin area has been hurting for several weeks. ???? I guess my body is getting ready for the birthing? Crazy, I've heard alot about pregnancy, but no one informed me of this pain.


  1. It's one of those fun nerve things:) I got it SO bad at the end of my pregnancy...it would make my legs give way at times. Something about how the baby sits on the nerves...Hope you're feeling well!

  2. I got this soooo bad! My doctor told me it was round ligament pain. It was awful, I totally forgot about it though!

    I remember doubling over in pain and thinking I was going into labor at like 20 weeks, it would start low and kind of creep up my groin/stomach area. Miserable, but totally normal! For me it was worse when I worked out, if I took a couple of days off and then eased back into it, it helped.

  3. I completely understand! This happened to me along with having one of my arms tingle and go numb everyday. One of the lovely joys of caring your little gal! :)

  4. I had that with Reese towards the end, but it started EARLY on with Lucy and continued until the day I delivered. Sometimes I couldn't even lift my legs. SO NOT FUN! I will never forget that pain. Hope you are handling it well. Sad to say, I didn't. I let everyone know I was hurting!