Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Life in Ruins

Last night we rented a really cute movie! This movie is definitely not going to win "movie of the year" or anything, but it was a great rent. I laughed so hard in this movie, and even teared up in some parts.

This is about a girl named Georgia who moved to Greece to work in the history department at a college there, but they ended up cutting her position. So to pay the bills she becomes a week long tour director that travels to different places in Greece. She is miserable at this job and frustrated that she always gets the "rejects" of customers while her coworker always gets the better "people," bus, and places to stay. This is a story of her finding love, learning how to relax, and bonding with a group that she never thought she would.

So cute! If there is nothing else at the rental place that tickles your fancy you should try this one out.


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  1. you know you only teared up because your preggers! :)