Saturday, January 31, 2009


My fabulous sister-in-law, Kristal, wrote on her blog about renting the movie "Fireproof" to watch this weekend. Well, Lantz and I were inspired to do the same thing. We watched it last night with a bowl of cereal. (Side note- I love cereal. I think I could eat it for every meal.) This movie was amazing. If you have not seen it then you should rent it immediately. It is a Christian based film with an awesome message. It is about a firefighter who is struggling with pornography, and his wife who is flirting with a man at work. Obviously because of their choices that they are making their marriage is struggling, and finally can't withstand anything else. In a final attempt to save his marriage Caleb, the firefighter, takes a 40 day challenge from his father. It the midst of this challenge Caleb saves his marriage and more importantly gives his life to Christ.

Rent it. Yes, parts are cheesy, and yes parts appear cheaply made, but it is so good. Lantz and I both thought it was a great reminder of how to treat our spouse. It's also very clean- rated PG. Happy watching.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Check 'em Out!

Here are some products that have quickly become "musts" when grocery shopping. If you have not tried these products, then you should. I think they are all great.

First, the infamous Stubbs Spicy BB-Q sauce. It is so yummy. If you don't like spicy stuff, then go for the regular. We love spicy, and so this is right up our alley (it's even from Texas). We use it on almost everything that we grill or smoke. Yummy in my tummy.
Next on my list is Coffee- Mate Cinnamon Vanilla creamer. This stuff is amazing. I have to have a cup of coffee in the morning, and this has to be in there. I've tried other things (and have something different in the fridge right now due to our store being sold out), but nothing is as good as this. You will love it. I put a little fresh cinnamon powder on the top of my coffee with this, and it rocks!
The third thing on my list is cherry flavored Craisins. Lantz and I can literally eat these like candy. They are so good. Normal Craisins are okay, but the cherry flavored are so sweet. They are great in spinach salad too. They are kinda pricey, so get them at Walmart, or watch for when they are on sale. Unfortunately Sams Club only carries regular flavored Craisins and not the cherry flavored. We have to limit ourselves, cause we can eat a whole bag in one sitting.
The next item I happend to pick up on a fluke one day while shopping. I actually originaly tried a different flavor, and it was good, but then I found the cherry vanilla flavored one- and it is awesome. It looked healthy, and I thought I'd give it a try. It is Back to Nature Organic Cherry Vanilla Granola. Most people put granola in yogurt, but I don't like yogurt so I just eat it plain. I really like it, but Lantz is not as huge as a fan as me. I think it's a perfect healthy after school snack. In Smith's this is in the Organic section, but in Walmart is was on a snack isle.
Finally last but not least is Thomas' 100% Whole Wheat bagels. These are so soft! Lantz and I used to buy blueberry bagels, but since we've found these it's all we get. Lantz cooks breakfast every morning (don't I have the greatest husband ever?), and sometimes we'll have bagels toasted with a little jelly, or a breakfast sandwhich with egg, cheese, and turkey bacon. I would really recommend them. They are whole wheat too- so they are better for you.
I really like all these products- it's not like I'm getting paid to say all this. Check them out for yourself and tell me what you think! Happy eating/drinking!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We Won!

That's right... 38 to 26. Teachers won today in the Staff vs. Student basketball game. It was so much fun! I made both of my free throws so I had a total of 2 points. Yeah! I also played some pretty good defense if I do say so myself (I stole the ball many times from our youngsters). Below is a picture of our team. We may not be as young or as quick, but I guess we still have some skill! Go teachers!


Monday, January 26, 2009


Yes, we are still working out every day. Yes, I am seeing results. Yes, I just bought a size 0 pair of pants on sale this weekend (not sure if I've ever owned a size 0- they had to be sized wrong- I bought a size 3 jeans 2 weeks ago- pretty sure 3 is more accurate than 0- but I'll take it).

STAFF vs. STUDENT Basketball Game
Tomorrow after school we have a Staff vs. Student b-ball game. I am so excited. We did this 2 years ago and had so much fun! We won last time, and so I hope that we win again this time. Our kids are awesome this year, so I'm a little nervous. A few of us practiced today. I was swishing a ton of shots during warm up, but once we started scrimmaging I missed like every single one. Hopefully I'll make at least one tomorrow in the game. It's been awhile though, so I can't be to hard on myself. Also, thanks to P90X I was able to play without killing myself because I was in shape!

Last Monday was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day, and while I was at home I caught a few minutes of Rachel Ray. I normally don't watch her, but there was nothing else on. She gave a recipe for a last minute meal. She called it a healthier version of Hamburger Helper, although I don't think it's super healthy. It was WAY easy, and it was okay. Not my favorite meal, but we'll leave it in the mix for change. I think that kids would really like it.

Rachel Ray's Chili Cheeseburger Mac:
1 to 1 1/2 pounds of hamburger meat
1 whole white onion
1/2 cup ketchup
1/4 cup mustard
1 can beef broth
cheddar cheese (I used Mexican blend)
1 box whole grain macaroni pasta
(I also added about 1 T. of Tabasco Chipotle for extra flavor)

Cook macaroni according to box, and drain. Brown meat and onion together. Drain off fat (I used 93/7 so there's not much and it's healthier). Pour broth, mustard, ketchup (and Tabasco) in with cooked, drained beef and onion. Pour over cook macaroni. Stir together. Pour in a backing dish. Add cheese on top. Broil until cheese bubbles and browns (like 4 to 5 minutes on low).
We ate this with our yummy salad recipe that you can find on a more recent post. Or you could do steamed or grilled veggies. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


REI is such a fun store. Lantz and I went there last night to start pricing backpacks for our Europe trip. I'm not really very granola, but I do always find things there that make me wish I was more granola. (Granola is a term that Lantz and I use to describe outdoorsy, tree- hugging, granola eating people.) Of course I go straight for the way cute lime green one, but the lady there quickly let me know that the cute one was not what I needed to travel around Europe with. Instead she pointed out a much cheaper, more functional, yet still cute pack. It was so fun! I also saw like 5 North Face things that I loved. We didn't buy anything yet because we needed to come home and do our research first. I leave you with a picture of the cute, yet functional pack that the REI lady found for me.

PS- We also went to Chilis last night on gift cards from Christmas. We have been trying to eat out less. Last night was our first time out to eat since returning home from Texas over Christmas break. It's been much healthier for us, and we've saved some money.


True Believer

I just finished True Believer by Nicholas Sparks, and it was awesome- just like all of his other books. This book is about Jeremy who writes articles about mysterious things. He lives in New York, but heads south to the small town of Boone Creek to research some "ghosts" in a cemetery. Of course he needs to spend alot of time at the library researching lengends and the history of the town, which means spending lots of time with the cute librarian Lexie. She's been hurt by out-of-towners before, so she's not interested in Jeremy's flirting. Then she starts to think that maybe he's not like everyone else.

This book is great because you've got a little mystery mixed with your love story. This book also has a great ending-- I loved the last line. (If you read the back before the front it will ruin it- just don't do it- read the whole thing and enjoy it.)

Nicholas Sparks is a fabulous writer. It's so easy to get absorbed into his stories. I have like 3 or 4 more of his books to read before I've read them all. They are like treasures. I've had them on the shelf for a little while, but I've got to take small bites so they are not all gone. I have to throw in other reads before I let myself get started with another one. It will make me sad when I've completely read them all, because then I'll just have to sit and wait for new ones. If you've never read anything by Sparks- you should. They are easy "beach reads." I don't know if I have a favorite. I really have enjoyed all of them, so you can't go wrong with anything that he's written.

Happy reading!


Saturday, January 24, 2009

White Chicken Chili

I got the following recipe from my sister-in-law earlier this week. It was super yummo and way easy. I thought I'd share. It's called Slow Cooker White Chicken Chili.
1 pack of chicken breast (I used 3 large chicken breasts)
1 yellow onion, diced
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 can chicken broth (I used 2 cans)
1 can corn
1 can green chilies
2 cans great Northern Beans
1 T. cumin
1 T. dried Oregano
1 T. Sugar (not really sure if you need this)
1 tsp. salt
1/2 teasp. hot sauce
juice of 1 lime
fresh cilantro
(I also added one can of Rotel- but then it's no longer "White")

Cook chicken, onion, garlic and broth in slow cooker on low 5 hours. Shred chicken with fork. Add corn, chilies, beans, cumin, oregano, sugar, salt, and hot sauce and stir. Cook on high for 1 hour and then turn to low until ready to serve. Stir in lime juice and cilantro just before serving. Serve with your choice of cheese, sour cream, raw onions, more cilantro and sliced avocados.

This was really good, and as long as you don't add sour cream or cheese to it it's really pretty healthy. Thanks Kristal!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Staff Development Day

Today was a Staff Development Day at school- meaning no kids and many presentations on how to be a better teacher. I really enjoy these days. It's so nice to be able to go to work and not be the one handing out information. I think that my school has the greatest staff days.

We are always provided at least one meal, and today we got two! We had yummy waffles and fruit for breakfast (although I didn't partake because Lantz always cooks breakfast for the two of us-- he is so great about that-- every day, rain or shine we eat breakfast together. We eat yummy food too- eggs, turkey bacon, whole wheat bagels, oatmeal. Always a hot breakfast!), and the staff also provided a catered lunch from the Mediterranean Grill. Lunch was so good! Greek salad, pita bread with humus, grilled chicken skewers... yummy!

My principal is really great to about always making the presentations interactive and competitive. There are always ways to win fun prizes. Today I walked away with a $20 gift card to Starbucks, a pencil, and 6 free frozen yogurt coupons to Golden Spoon. (Side note--- Golden Spoon is amazing! It's totally a West Coast thing, so I had never had one til moving out here. Bazillions of different flavors of frozen yogurt- kinda like Cold Stone but without the guilt. My favorite flavors are cake batter, island coconut, cookie's and cream, and pralines and pecans.)

For all teachers out there- don't you hate going to presentations and seeing how great something is and knowing it will never work in YOUR classroom with YOUR students? Just a thought.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Running Through Fire

I recently finished reading Running Through Fire: How I survived the Holocaust. Every spring I teach a Holocaust unit. It is my most favorite thing that I do with my students all year long. They really get into it, and I always learn something new. My accelerated students all read a different Holocaust memoir and then do an oral report on their book. This allows students to hear about 40 different other books written by survivors. I try to read a book before I put it into the mix for the students to pick so that I know whether it is age appropriate or not. So I just finished Running Through Fire.
This book was probably my least favorite Holocaust book that I've read thus far. Zosia spends the entire book running, and so she is not in any concentration camps (which is so awesome for her because she was Jewish). This was one reason why I was looking forward to reading it- because she is amazingly smart and tricks people to believing she was a Gentile. I had a hard time connecting with her though because it was written by her nephew and it seemed completely unpersonal. Instead of relating to her I felt I was just reading facts about her. I was happy for her, but not connected to her.

If you are looking for some great Holocaust reads, my 3 favorite that I have read thus far are: The Hiding Place, My Brother's Voice, and The 23rd Psalm.
I think that if you are a Christian the Lord will really work on your heart while reading The Hiding Place. Corrie is a Christian and trys to help hide Jews. Corrie, her father, and her sister are all caught and sent to concentration camps. This is story of her faith and strength. It amazes me in the worst of conditions that they take time to evangelize to people in the camps and praise God for the fleas. I am moved that they risk their lives for pages of a Bible. It is a must read!

My Brother's Voice is amazing! Stephen should have died so many times throughout his struggle against the Nazis. He is an amazing man of strength and will power. He is one of the only prisoners to come back from Death Bay- a place where you were only sent to die. You will cry many times for Stephen. It is a fairly new book because he did not publish it until after the death of his uncle. He was keeping a secret from his uncle about his uncle's family. He did not want his uncle to know some informaiton because it would have hurt him too much. He waited until after his uncle's death to release his unbelievable story. It is amazing that I have actually met Stephen Nasser on several occasions and have an autographed copy of his book. He comes each year to speak to my classes. You will not be disappointed with this read. It will help you to appreciate your family.

The 23rd Psalm was intense. I immediately connected to Lucius. I could not put the book down. I had to keep reading to see what would happen next to this young man. It is amazing to think of the journey through all the differnt camps that this young man went through. It is amazing how smart and what a quick thinker he was for being so young. Make sure to have your tissues close by.

I hope this post encourages you to read a Holocaust memoir. If one of these doesn't interest you, find one that does. These stories are inspirational, thought provoking, historical, and personal. The Holocaust was a huge injustice done to millions of people-- real people with real souls. The people who died deserve to have their voice heard and their story told. Listen.

"He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God." - Micah 6:8


Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I really don't know what I'd do professionally other than teach. It's just something that I've always known I wanted to do. And, believe it or not- I love middle school. Yes, they have their moments, but I really enjoy the age group. They are old enough that I don't have to walk them to the bathroom, but they are young enough to still want their teacher to like them (well, some of them).

The first time my principal showed me my room, I couldn't believe how many desks there were in it. I told her she could move some to other classrooms if she needed to, but she let me know that I would need all 41 of them (actually I've had to bring in one more on occasion for 42). This year I have had some of my smallest classes yet. This year I only have one class of 41- yeah! One of the reasons why I have smaller classes this year is because I have taken on two CC classes. These are classes that have students in them that have an IEP- or another words they have some accommodations to help them learn. I also have a co-teacher those two classes which is so GREAT!! I still have 2 regular reading classes and 1 accelerated (honors) reading class.

I thought some of you'd like to see some pictures of my cool classroom. I've got some cool construction stuff for: "Building Reading Skills," my Texas flag (essential so everyone knows where my heart belongs), and my "Go Wild about Reading."

Here are some pictures of some of the amazing women that I get to work with every day. Below is a picture of Arbenia. She is my co-teacher 4th and 6th period and she rocks! I LOVE working with her. We are a great team- I couldn't do CC classes with out her.

The next picture is of our awesome 7th grade reading department (minus Arbenia and Mr. Charles who teaches 1 7th grade reading class). We plan everything together, and in my opinion we are one of the strongest teams on campus. Dayna is on the far right in blue and she has 2 of the cutes little boys ever. Darla is in the middle and she has triplets in 7th grade. I'm actually fortunate enough to teach 2 of her 3 this year.

So last, but definitely not least, are my best friends at school. I love these women. They are such amazing and inspiring women. We have so much fun when we all get together. Jenn is in yellow, and she is new to our school this year. We are so happy that she's here. Every day I look forward to seeing her outfits because she is so trendy. Janis is in the bottom left corner with her fists up. She is one of the funnest people ever! She has 3 awesome kids (I got to teach the youngest) and her husband is in the Highway Patrol. He's always on the news. Darla is in the back, and she's in the reading department with me. These women are God- fearing and really encouraging to me on my walk with Christ. I love them-- did I mention that??
So here is part of my day- the place I spend it and some of the people I spend it with!
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Monday, January 19, 2009

Yummy Spinach Salad

I kinda pulled ingredients from 3 different salads and came up with this amazingly yummo spinach salad. It has quickly become our favorite salad. I hope you enjoy! (It seems extensive, but it's worth it, and it's easy!)
- bag of spinach
- bag of spring mix
- pecans
-brown sugar
- butter
- feta cheese
-Craisens (I like cherry flavored- they are SO good)
- real bacon pieces
- green apple
- pear
-pancake syrup
-apple cider vinegar
-Exta Virgin Olive Oil
-celery salt

1. Candy your pecans. Melt about a tablespoon of butter and about a tablespoon of brown sugar- stir together. Pour in pecans. Stir. Pick out pecans and put them on a piece of foil. Let them refrigerate for about an hour or so. Break these up to put on your salad.
2. Dressing: (I really just wing this, sorry there is no exact) About 3 tablespoons of syrup, evoo, and apple cider vinegar. Few shakes of celery salt and pepper. A tablespoon of sugar. Taste it. Add or take away what you like. It should be light.
3. Fruit. Slice pear and green apple into bite size.
4. Mix spinach and spring mix. (I like to take the stems off the spinach)
5. Put greens on individual salad plates. Add as much of the following as you'd like:
craisens, pecans, feta cheese, real bacon pieces, fruit and dressing.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


"Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer every one." ~ Colossians 4: 5-6

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Enjoy the Simple Things

Today I enjoyed a few simple things.
1. Sleeping in until 10:30. It was amazing just laying there and not feeling the rush of having to get up to go to school or church. Great times.
2. A great workout. We of course did our p90X chest, back, and ab ripper dvd today. Tons of push-ups!
3. Awesome leftovers. There is nothing like eating a great meal and then getting to enjoy it a second time.
4. Nice weather. Our weather was great again today! It was in the 60's with no wind- which meant that it felt like it was in the 80s. I wore my cute short sleeved summer zebra print shirt to run errands. It's nice to be able to put a favorite summer shirt with a great pair of skinny jeans and heels.
5. Going to the park. Lantz, Cooper, and I went to the park for a little while this afternoon to catch the last bit of sun light. Vegas has great parks and it's so nice to take a big blanket and read. Cooper also loved getting to play catch. Here are a few pictures of our afternoon! (Notice I was in short sleeves, shorts, and flip- flops- gotta love the January Vegas weather!)


Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner...

We had a wonderful evening tonight with our good friends Harry and Janelle. The LORD most definitely placed them in our lives a few years back when first moving to Vegas. They are very God-fearing and encouraging people. There are many times when they truly have been our Vegas parents. We always love getting together with them, and always we have great conversations.

Typically they have us over before we make the invite, but tonight we had them over. It's a tad intimidating because Janelle is one of the best cooks that I know and anytime we are at their house the food is AWESOME! Well, tonight I must say I am pretty proud of the menu we put together tonight. We had a nice spinach salad, smoked pork loin, grilled zucchini, squash, and red onion, a twice baked potato type dish, whole wheat rolls, and my favorite dessert. Not really sure what the dessert is called- my sister-in-law printed out of a cook book for me and they called it "Better than...", but growing up we just called it the chocolate mouse dessert. So yummy!

Needless to say... P90X here I come tomorrow... twice!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Europe Trip Summer '09

Since Lantz and I got married we have had a credit card that we can accumulate airline miles from with each purchase. Our goal over the last 4 years has been that we would use those miles for Europe. (We've also been saving money for the trip, but that's a side note.) It has really been great for us. I would not recommend this process to everyone, but if you are disciplined, then it really works. We use our credit card for EVERYTHING-- even a stick of gum. We rarely, if ever, carry cash. Again, I would not recommend this to just anyone. But, we of course pay off every penny every month (which most people don't do, and so they acquire alot of debt). We are extremely frugal people in case you are unaware. So, this plan has been great for us so far.

So, on with the story... We've been saving all these miles for like the past 4 years for Europe, and we'd been looking to purchase our airplane tickets over the last month. Well, when we started looking we got way bummed because it was going to cost us 50, 000 miles per person to fly over and 50, 000 miles per person to fly back. All of the equaling a grand total of 200,000 miles total, but the problem was that we only had 160,000 miles... aka not enough. So we were going to have to use airline miles for one ticket and spend $1,500 on the second. We were not excited about this at all, but we couldn't really do anything about it.

On Tuesday night before we left for our adult small group bible study Lantz was showing me how all this airline ticketing purchase thing was going to work. All of the sudden we see that on Continentals sight where it usually has said 50,000 miles over it now said 25,000 miles over. We looked on the flight back and it still said 50,000 miles back. So it was saying it would cost 75,000 miles round trip per person - which equals 150,000 miles total. We have 160,000 miles, and so that was perfect. We kinda were not exactly 100% committed to where we wanted to fly in and out of so we thought about submitting all of our paperwork later that night when we got home from small group, and plus we would have been a little late if we started the process. Well, after some debating we decided to go ahead and put through our information because we were afraid it was only like a one hour special. We put in all our info and picked our seats on the plane and pressed enter... waited.... waited... waited, and then Continental had this screen pop up that said they were experiencing a glitch. So we had know idea if our paperwork went through.

At this point we were already late to our bible study, so we decided that we'd call them after our small group. When we got home, and after Lantz was on hold forever, the person was like, "Yeah, the 25,000 miles were apart of our glitch- those were not supposed to be up online... but we are honoring everyone who submitted their paperwork... let me see if yours went through..." Are you kidding me??? This is so great... maybe... if our paperwork went through.... if not then this totally stinks!

But she gets back on the phone after checking through everything, "Yes, Mr. Howard it appears that we have all of your requests, so we will honor your arrangements." YEAH!!!! Can you believe it?!? Holy cow! We totally just saved $1,500! So long story short we are flying to Europe for FREE!!!! What should have cost us $3,000 is going to cost us $150 (taxes... which were even supposed to be like a million dollars more, but that was also in the glitch so we were honored with the original quote too!). I am so stinking excited! 17 days in Europe will be SO COOL!

I feel so blessed and I am so thankful to God. And I don't know if God cares about our trip to Europe, but I do know that he tells us not to be anxious about anything and to give all things to Him in prayer and petition. I know that I have been praying that everything works out for the best as far as our budget goes, and that everything work according to His timing. Again, I just can't help but to pray prayers of thanksgiving right now!

I know you are probably wondering some of our details. Well, we don't have everything exactly mapped out, but I'll give you a rough sketch. We are leaving from Vegas with a short layover in New York and then flying to Amsterdam. We plan on staying in Amsterdam for a few days and then traveling south to Munich, Germany for a few days. (We will probably stay somewhere between those two places.) Then from Munich to Venice. From Venice to Rome. From Rome to Tuscany. From Tuscany to Paris, and then we are flying out of Paris back home. I can't believe it! Neither Lantz or I have never been to Europe and so we just can't hardly wait. What an awesome 5 year anniversary gift to each other.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, there is one good thing about Vegas, and that's the weather. As I watched the weather for the rest of the nation on TV tonight I was thankful to be living here under sunny skies. Today it was 70. It is going to be high 60s and low 70s for the next week and a half. January weather... can you believe that? And it is ALWAYS sunny here no matter what. I almost forgot what an overcast sky looked like until I went home over break.
P.S. News about our Europe trip this summer coming soon!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping

A fun fact that you may not know about me is that I like going grocery shopping. Sometimes I drag Lantz with me, and sometimes I take that time to do the weekly shopping by myself. I totally have a system. I make a list and don't stray from it. (Sometimes when I go to Walmart I have a more difficult time staying on task because I see things that are so much cheaper.) I have to write down everything we need for the meals I have planned to cook that week and I try to only get what's on the list. I'm pretty good about sticking to it. Anyways... I typically enjoy going to the store and find it somewhat relaxing. (Of course I'd rather be doing some different type of shopping, but ya gotta eat.) Well, last night was not so great. I ended up with a bad basket. You know the one. You can't turn and half way down the isle it gets stuck where you can't even push it. I hate that! I try to always get a good one so it'll be a stress- less night of shopping. It was to late last night. I had already been through produce and half of isle one when I realized I got a crazy basket... so it was pure torture and it made my shopping seem so much longer. Crazy side note- In Texas we have Kroger, but out here the same store is called Smiths. Smiths carries all Kroger brand. Why is it not just called Kroger?


Monday, January 12, 2009

TV Talk

Even though we don't have cable I do have a few shows that I do try to keep up with. The newest show that I've added to my list is "Privileged." If you haven't seen it I'd totally recommend it. Megan just graduates from Yale and really wants to be a high end writer. In the mean time she takes a job in Palm Beach tutoring some snotty rich girls. Megan is super good at school, kinda dorky and goofy, a good girl, and pretty passionate. I like her because I feel like I relate to her.
I also really love "Survivor." It's one of those shows that I can just really get into. I love to see the challenges that they come up with (some of them are so crazy!) My favorite seasons were with Ozzy- Cook Islands and the Fans vs. Favs in Micronesia. He was just crazy... he was like a fish and a cheetah combined! I was so mad that he didn't win the first time cause he so deserved it. I really enjoyed last season, Survivor Gabon, and found myself liking Sugar- surprisingly of all people- she was a pin up model and cried like every 5 minutes, but she seemed genuinely considerate and kind. I couldn't believe that Suzzy made it as far as she did. I was happy for Bob- I'm pretty sure he was the oldest person to ever be on Survivor - let alone win it. There are Survivor tryouts this Saturday in Vegas. I think I may go down and try out. I tried to fill out an application over the summer, but they weren't excepting them at that time. I think that they'd be filming this summer and I don't know if that's the greatest time or not since we are planning to go to Europe for two weeks this summer. The only thing I don't know if I'd be able to do is eat bugs, or anything else yucky. I also don't know about leaches or scary animals. What do you think? Could I do it? I don't know- I guess I already had my TV debue on Deal or No Deal. (PS- can't watch that show anymore... to many emotional memories. )(Here's a picture of Me and Howie just for fun!)
Okay... and finally one of my favorite shows... "The Bachelor." I know- so cheesy and repulsive at times... and yet I can't help it. I'm almost addicted. I just like to see who they will fall for. My favorite bachelor so far has been Brad Womack (a little biased since he was from Texas). He seemed so Southern and down to earth. I was really ready for him to pick DeAnna or Jenni. I really didn't have a favorite out of the two. When he didn't pick either I partially hated him, and then later respected his decision based on that he didn't feel he could pick either one cause he liked them both equally, so he assumed neither was right for him. I get it- kinda- but it still made me mad.(Above is Brad)
I loved the episode with Matt Grant: London Calling. I so wanted Shayne to win from the beginning, and when he picked her it was so romantic. The way she almost fell apart when he proposed was priceless. I loved that he called her his "monkey." Too bad that she cheated on him and they are no longer together. Sad. Here they are anyways for kicks:
Finally that brings us to DeAnna as the Bachelorette. I really liked her and really wanted her to find someone special. It was so obvious that she fell in love.... but she let him go. It was so plain that she was head over heals for Graham. But she didn't want to take a chance on him cause she was to afraid he'd break her heart like Brad did. She never should have let him go though- she even said she made a mistake when she let him leave. The guys in the house were even intimidated by him because of the way she looked at him. Here he is for all of you non watchers:
Graham is now dating ALL MY CHILDREN soap star Chrishell Stause. So because DeAnna didn't pick him... I really don't think she had many options left, no offence. She ended up picking snowboarder Jesse. I liked Jesse, and I think she did to.. but she wasn't in love with him. She tried to convince herself she was in love- but she wasn't. When it came down to single dad Jason and snowboarder Jesse- I think she just didn't wanted to be a mom yet. So of course you guessed it- they are no longer together she later told him in an airport (supposedly) that she loved him- she just wasn't in love wiht him. Here they are (sorry so small):
With DeAnna picking Jesse that leaves Jason out in the cold, so wouldn't you know that he is now currently the Bachelor. I really don't like him. He may be my least favorite bachelor yet, but I'll still watch. So far, after only viewing the first episod I really like Mellissa who is from TEXAS (yeah)! She used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She is really peppy and outgoing. We'll see if I continue to like her as the show goes on. Here is Jason giving her a rose to stay the first night:So.. for some of you out there you may not have appreciated this post. That's okay- I just wanted to get out all my TV talk. I don't have any kids, so I have to think of something to blog about. And this way with all of yall out there who actually watch these shows- we can chat about them.
PS: An interesting side note- all of our shows in Vegas start later. A show that starts at 7 yalls time doesn't come on til 8 our time. So if we want prime time tv we gotta stay up later. Hince the reason why I watch TV online most of the time. Fewer commericals and I can watch at my convience. This includes the Bachelor- so don't tell me anything right after a show airs or you'll ruin it for me cause I probably won't watch it until sometime later that week. Happy watching to all yall!!

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