Friday, September 4, 2009

Small Group

I love our small group. It's an open group that really cares for one another, and challenges each other in new ways in our relationship with our Father. We've been together for over 3 years, and I love these people more than I can write about. They are there for Lantz and me when it seems that we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as church issues go. I can't say anything else except that I love them, and I praise God every day for our amazing friendship and spiritual bond.

Last night we got together at our house to catch up after a small break of summer activities and travels, and it was so refreshing to meet back up with them. We talked about how cool it is to see God work, and how He brought us all together- even though we are so different:

Steve and Vanessa are in their 50s, and they don't have any children. Steve is the President of the Art Institute here in Vegas and Vanessa is a pharmasist. I can't tell you how kind they've been to us. When we are with them it's always a special treat- not just cause they take us to places we'd never dream of being able to go to, but because they are just amazing people who encourage us and love us for who we are. They are down to earth and real and just awesome Christian examples. Vanessa is such an awesome example to me because she always goes out of her way to meet visitors at church and tries to make them feel welcome.

Ed & Jill are in their 30s with 3 small children- 3 under the age of 3. They just recently had Benjamin a few weeks ago. Jill went to school at Harding University and was a missionary in Chile. While on her mission she and Ed met, fell in love, and married. So, it's so neat to have bilingual missionaries in our group. They both have amazing hearts, and always season our conversations with grace that is so amazing it has to be from the Spirit. I love them and their 3 boys.

Dave & Phyllis are in their 50s and have 3 grown daughters. Rachel, their middle daughter, was in my Sigma Theta Chi pledge class at ACU. They became grandparents a few years ago, and just found out that their oldest daughter is expecting another child. Dave has been a great leader for our group, and also teaches a class Sunday morning at church. He and Lantz do an inter-generational class with adults and teens about once a month. The 2 groups study the same thing and then get together to bounce ideas around. They have provided plenty of nurturing to us as we get sad about not being around family. They are just awesome and inspiring people who think very deep and spiritually.

Craig & Amber are in their 30s and have 3 older boys. Their oldest just graduated high school, and the other are still in high school. Craig and Amber are so much fun and such awesome examples to us. They both think very deeply and spiritually about things, and always bring to light things I've never thought of before. They are also great sponsors for youth activities and provide tons of positive feedback to us. They have never been critical or negative, and we value their opinion and friendship. They are also super fun!

So, as you can see we all come from very different walks of life and yet God has brought us together and helped us become one in a very neat way- Not that we all think exactly alike, but that there is this common love among us that is so deep and wonderful.

Anyways, I just wanted to share about our wonderful group, and how awesome they are. Below are a few pictures from last night. Vanessa, Jill, and I are on the couch together (I am holding baby Benjamin.), Craig & Amber are pictured together, and Ed is in the solo photo. Dave and Phyllis were picking up Rachel at the airport and so they couldn't make it, and Steve had to work.


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