Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh Europe.....

Oh Europe, my dear Europe.... Where for art thou my sweet Europe? Sometimes don't you just wish you were back on vacation? I think I typically miss my vacation on Mondays. Why? I think it's just hard to get back into the swing of things.

I do love to travel, and it's fun to look back on adventures that you go on. I'll randomly start laughing about something from our trip, and Lantz will ask me to explain myself, and then we'll both giggle together about something. I love that. I love that our trips that we've taken will always be about us, and it's something that we've shared together.

I am already thinking about our next vacation. (No, there is not one scheduled, however I wish there was one!) Lantz and I love to cruise, so maybe our next trip will be another cruise. I saw some great advertisements about vacationing in Malaysia, and it was gorgeous! I also saw a special on South Africa. Some of their beaches were awesome, and Lantz really wants to go on a safari. Of course, neither Lantz or I've ever been to New York, and it's definitely high up on the list. Um yeah... give me any destination that doesn't involve working, cleaning, or cooking, and I'm probably game- and I'll probably be the first one on the list if there's a beach somewhere close by!

Just day-dreaming a little. Where would you go?


  1. Although I've been to Colorado several times, I REALLY want to go right now. Vacations are the best!!

  2. we LOVE to travel too! we are planning our 5 year anniversary trip right now, and our only problem is we want to go everywhere!

  3. I think if I were you I'd go to Myrtle Beach...great place to visit. :)

  4. Jess...come to Uganda.Besides seeing us,you will see some of the most beautiful places and experience something totally unique that will take you al;iofetime to forget.South Africa is great but parts of it are very americanized.....


  5. Um, is it bad that I would go anywhere as long as there are no kids allowed!? Travis and I want to do a cruise for our 5 year. We've never been and it sounds SO fun!