Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Weekend

I forgot to blog about last weekend. Sorry. Anyways, last weekend we went with some of our seniors to Create (amazing, amazing, amazing gourmet hamburger place) and putt- putt. We had such a fun time! This year we have the largest group of Seniors that we've ever had. We have 8 graduating Seniors this year! The largest group we've ever had has been 4 or 5, so for us to have 8 is huge! We are really pumped up. Anyways, check out our photos from our fun night -there aren't that many :) (I know sometimes I post like 8 million in a slideshow, but there are only like 20.)



  1. Yum! Those burgers look great. I love your grey top!

  2. I was wondering who Lantz was kissing...almost didn't recognize you with the dark hair. :) Love the top!!!