Sunday, August 23, 2009


Lantz and I have watched several different movies over the past two weeks. I really enjoyed all 4 of these videos. Don't really know why we've watched so many recently, I guess we are trying to soak up the last few minutes of summer.

Hannah Montana and Inkheart were really clean. Although they are both geared for kids, Lantz and I both liked them. They were very cute with positive messages. I'm kind of a sucker for teeny bopper movies.

17 Again and Taken were not as clean, but they were super good. I liked the message in 17 Again. It really brought up some valid points like abstinence, popularity, showing love to others, and living for each day as it is presented to you, but it did have a lot of sexual references in it. Taken was very suspenseful and it really made me think about things. If you're looking for a good movie to watch then I don't think you could go wrong with any of these.

SIDE NOTE: All of you starting back to school this week I pray that the LORD blesses you with amazing classes and uses you to influence your students for HIS glory.
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  1. Thanks for the side note! When do you start? Good luck to you also!

  2. I loved Taken!! Good luck on back to school :)

  3. I love watching movies. Good luck with school. Can't believe summer is already over!!

  4. I cannot believe Lantz watched Hannah Montana. What a man! James would rather stab needles in his eyes. :-)