Monday, August 24, 2009

First Day Back

Well, today was my first day back in the swing of things. The first day of school is always so exciting, because I love to meet all of my students, and there is no pressure to "teach" something. There is so much house keeping stuff that has to be done, and so before you know it, they are all gone and the next group is in. This is my 5th year teaching 7th grade, and I have to say that I love this age group. They always surprise me and entertain me in new and different ways. They are at that age where they are developing their personalities, and what type of person they want to be. I like to think that I get a chance to mold a little bit of that.

So, what did we do today? First thing I had to do today with my students was to sign them each in. (Yes, we have to sign each and every single kid in all day, all classes... strange. I think it's a Nevada thing.) Not to exciting, but it was something that had to get done. I also handed out a project. I know, I know... it's so mean that I not only gave out homework the first day, but I gave out a project. Oh well. I like to set the standard of "this is a class to work in and not play in" on day one. I loosen up as the school year goes on. Besides, it is not that hard of a project. The students make a mini poster about themselves with information describing them and a picture of themselves. I hang everyone's on the wall and keep it up all year. It is my official wall paper on one of my walls.

Okay, so far my biggest class is only 36 which is a really good thing. But.... there are kids still enrolling, and supposedly our numbers are only going to go up. Last year I had a class of 42... yep... 42 seventh graders and one me. I have had up to 180 students in one year. Yikes! I know, HUGE right? This year I think I'm at 150 right now which is a good thing. I am praying that my numbers stay in that ball park and don't go up much.

Oh... one more thing. This year my school switched out dress code to a Standard Student Attire, and the kids look so good! (It's basically like uniforms, but not so strict.) They have to wear a collard shirt in a color of: white, navy, gold, or maroon, and a pair of pants/shorts or skirt in black, khaki, white, dark jean, or navy. The kids just looked adorable today! What a huge difference this new dress has made on our school. I love it! (And, no, teachers do not have to wear the new dress code- which is even better!)

Hopefully all you teachers out there who started today had a great first day back! Also, all of you parents out there who sent your kid(s) to school for their first day- I hope that they had an amazing first day and some awesome teachers!



  1. Glad you had a good day! It's always nice to get it over with. :) Happy year to you!

  2. glad you had a great first day! i like the project idea.