Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back in the Rhythm....

Well, I am officially trying to get back into the rhythm of things. It's hard to get up at 5:30 am, work all day, work-out, cook dinner, and take care of "chores." Oh sweet summer, where did you go?

Funny story... I have been told several times over and over since last school year that this year I'd have one accelerated reading class, two regular reading classes, and 2 inclusion/regular reading classes. So, first period was supposed to be my only accelerated class. On the board I have a different place where they copy things down, and we do slightly different things together. Tuesday, I was looking through some "important" documents and came across a typo (or so I thought). It said that my second period class was accelerated, and I was like, "hey that's not right, my first period is accelerated." So, I checked my first period papers, and they said accelerated, and so I was like, "Great... there's probably a huge mistake and I'm going to have to re-sign every kid back in second period." So, I call my assistant principal who is over the important documents, and he was like,"Oh no! I'll double check, and call you back." Well, within a few minutes he and my principal where in my room with papers. They were like, "Um... apparently your second period is accelerated too. All the calendars and schedules say that your second hour is regular, but it's actually accelerated." They were like, "Is that okay?" Um... yeah, it's cool, but who was going to let me know that? I just kept wondering if I hadn't spotted it on that paper, when I would have found out.

So... I gave this huge speech to 2nd hour on the first day of school how they should be careful copying down their objective, and not to copy down the accelerated one. Not one of them raised their hand to inform me that they were in an accelerated class, and they all knew, cause apparently their schedules all said accelerated, it was just mine that didn't. So, on Tuesday when they got to class I asked them,"How many of you know that I made a mistake yesterday?" The entire classes hand went up. Are you kidding me!?! There was not one bold enough 7th grader out of a class of 35 to raise their hand to inform me that their schedule said accelerated. Too funny!

So yah... maybe that wasn't as funny now that I think about it, but it was at the time. You should have been in my second period, we laughed and laughed about it on Tuesday. Silly kids. I love teaching.

On another note, Lantz is training for a triathlon in October, and so we got a membership to the Y so he could swim laps. I have been trying to go up and use the YMCA since we are now paying for it. I have been trying to run on the treadmill some, and tonight I swam some laps. (Yes, I am still doing P90X also. I am just trying to add to some of my workouts.)

Also, tomorrow night we are having our neighbors over for dinner. 4 houses of neighbors. We have been talking about it since we moved in 4 years ago. You know how that works.... you say over and over how you need to do something, and you never get around to it. Well, Lantz and I made ourselves commit to it. We walked around to our neighbors houses on Sunday and invited them over for tomorrow. They all said they'd come which was way exciting! So, tomorrow we are feeding 12 adults including ourselves and 2 kids. We went to Sam's & Smith's tonight to get food. We are going to cook: jalapeno poppers with cheese and bacon for an appetizer; grilled asparagus, squash, zucchini; pork loin & chicken legs/drumsticks; baked beans; and then for dessert we are making some coconut chocolate chip dessert bars with home-made ice cream. It should be yummy and fun!

Happy early Friday to you all, and happy late birthday to my friend Lauri-Anne!


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  1. haha! That is funny that your students did not tell you when you were wrong.

    And, I am so impressed you guys are having so many neighbors over for dinner. Way to go!! Hope it goes well.