Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So, if you are wondering what I have been doing since I've gotten back from Europe... well, not much. Lets see... humm.... We celebrated the Fourth of July with our church at a park- can't beat a good ol' cook out. I have cleaned the house several times. I went to lunch with my good friend Janis (got a awesome gift card from her and my friend Darla- thanks girls!) and caught up with her. I hung out with my new friend Lisa that just moved to town recently. I have chilled at the house with my sister and husband. I have laid out with my sister. I have worked out to P90X and the new Insanity dvd (crazy hard!). I have gone to church and youth group functions. And.... well... I guess that's about it. So, if you wonder why I kept writing about Europe- now you know. I don't have much else going on to blog about. Yeah for summer nothingness!

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  1. I laid out too and thought about you and even talked about you while doing it!