Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Drinking Glasses

Well, I finally broke down today and bought some new drinking glasses. Of course before anyone gets married they have a wedding registry. Lantz and I registered for some really cute drinking glasses and we got them at one of our showers. Now, this was close to 5 years ago, and those glasses lasted us a good while, but over the last year we just seem to keep breaking them and breaking them. I think out of 16 glasses we are down to 5: 4 juice glasses and 1 tall glass. So, it was time to break down and get a new set. I'm really excited about our new glasses. I got them at Ross for $12!!!!! What a steal! It's amazing that I got 16 thick, nice drinking glasses for so cheap. I love Ross.


  1. Ross is great! They have the best deals. We need to get new glasses soon, too.

  2. somewhere in my head i convinced myself they were expensive...then i went to ross and saw how cheap you can get them for! go you!