Friday, July 3, 2009


*WARNING* This is not a Europe post.

Yesterday, July 2nd, I turned the BIG 26! I can't believe that I am in my upper 20s now.... whoa! Isn't it funny how time just flies? Anyways, I had a great day yesterday. After I finally got out of bed Heather made us all breakfast. That was great, because I normally make breakfast and I didn't have to. Always good to be a little spoiled! Then I just laid around yesterday, worked out, cleaned up some... not much of anything specific- which was a treat because I feel like I have been doing errands every day since we've returned from Europe.

Lantz came home for lunch and surprised me with a Retro Bakery cupcake. Yummo! Retro bakery is the yummiest little place here in town that sells gourmet cupcakes. He got me a Apple Cider one, because I had never had that flavor before. It was soooooo good, but very rich. I had to split it with Lantz cause I couldn't eat it all. He then gave me my present. He got me some new perfume- DKNY's Green Apple Delicious. I have been wanting it for a few months now, so it was fun to get it and put it on. He also got me a massage for when we get back from our mission trip. I can't wait! I love, love, love professional massages... actually any massages.... I just really enjoy having my back rubbed. I am so looking forward to this.

I got some great stuff in the mail too! I got a way cute white purse and some blinged- out white flip-flops, some cute new bangle bracelets, a new pair of earings, some cash, and of course some amazingly sweet cards. Thanks mom, dad, Aunt Darla, Babab & Ooh-Daddy, and Momma Jean & Poppa. I loved it all!

Heather worked yesterday and then went to the airport to pick up her boyfriend, Ellis. He's in for a few days to visit. When she got home she gave me her gift. She got me a super cute blue button down shirt with little buttons on the side. I really like it. She also put a pair of her sandals that I've been admiring in the bag. She told me that she'd take me to get a pair of my own in my size and the color of my choice. I can't wait! Yeah for new shoes!

Then, last night we (Lantz,Heather, Ellis, & me) went to dinner with some of our awesome friends, Steve and Vanessa, from church. We went to the Cheesecake Factory- one of my favorites. I of course had to get my favorite cheesecake- the coconut chocolate one. Ahhh.... so good. If you have never had the coconut chocolate cheesecake from there then you are really missing out. Thanks again Steve & Vanessa!

Here is Heather and her boyfriend, Ellis:
Here is my sister and me:
All of my awesome gifts:
All of my awesome cards:

So, of course I had an amazing birthday. The Lord has truly blessed me with awesome family and friends.

Hopefully the next blog will be about our first night train and Venice, Italy.


  1. Happy Birthday sweet girl! you and your sis are both so beautiful!

  2. Happy birthday! I was going to say the same thing as Erin. You and your sis are so pretty! Tell her hi for me.