Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bacharach, Germany

Our second stop on our trip was Bacharach, Germany- which is a recommendation of Rick Steves. We took several trains into Germany and then eventually made our way to the small town of St. Goar off of the Rhine River. When we got off the train there was no one around and the town was so small. My first thought was that I want to get back on the train and go where the people are. Well, Lantz was like.... uh, let's walk this way. And, so we started to head down a street and eventually we encountered lots of people. It was a cute little town with small streets, and it had lots of shops and restaurants. We ate at a little down town cafe and enjoyed just chilling without a huge agenda.

After lunch we walked down to the river and got on a boat cruise. We took a boat down the Rhine river to Bacharach. The cruise down the river was one of the highlights of the trip. Germany's countryside is so beautiful, and there are castles atop every hill along the river. It was so neat to pass all these little villages along the river.... and everything was so stinking green.

When we arrived in Bacharach, we set off to find our little bed and breakfast. Being that Bacharach was so tiny it was easy to locate. We checked into Pension Lettie (random side note- the owner of the b&b actually also owns a house down the street from us in Las Vegas- we didn't know that until the next morning before we checked out). Then we explored the city. Bacharach is a very quaint town. It is very old and you are immediately transported back in time.

We walked the streets and then got off the beaten path a bit to walk up to one of the medieval castles. The stairs were really steep, but it was worth it to explore Stahleck Castle. It was funny... when we got up there there was a big gamers festival thing and they had an actual full pig roasting (see photo in slide show). Funny. The views from the castle were incredibly stunning. I could have sat there and starred down to the Rhine river for hours. Awesome!

After exploring the castle we went to a little mom and pop outdoor cafe to have dinner. We both had very traditional German dinners- sausage and potatoes. (Oh, p.s. on my "Generals" blog 2 days ago I should have mentioned that in each place we tried to eat what was cultural for each location. At almost every place we asked our waiter/waitress what they would recommend, and then ordered exactly that. Every time we did that, we got something that we wouldn't have gotten. It was cool to eat what the locals would eat! I so recommend doing this. Yeah, you'll get some stuff that's different, but it's all an experience.)

After dinner we took a walk beside the river. We found a children's park and swung in this big, bowl, basket-type swing. It was very relaxing, and I actually fell asleep for a little while. Lantz found an un-opened German candy bar called "Nuts" sitting on a bench, and he ate it! It could have been poisoned, but he's still alive, so I guess not. (The candy bar wasn't that good.... I tasted it. Not bad, but there were lots more I would have picked over it.)

After the park we went back to our B&B and crashed. We got up early before the city woke up and went on a run. It was such a nice run. I don't think I have ever described a run as "nice," but it was. It was cool to take a run on old cobblestones. The breakfast at Pension Lettie was probably the best breakfast.... no I take that back... it was the best breakfast that we had in Europe. Lettie (the owner) had: waffles, eggs, sausage, fruit, granola cereal, yogurt, fresh juice, and coffee for us. Yummy!

So, we were only in Bacharach for one day, but it was a GREAT day. If you ever get a chance to go to this city, or another one off of the Rhine river- I would totally recommend it. Very, very, very beautiful! Enjoy the photos:



  1. Wow! Those pictures are amazing! What a cool thing to experience.

  2. I am already so jealous of your trip and it's only day 2 of your recapping the whole thing! I didn't know we had the same birthday, either! how fun-hope you have a wonderful birthday today!

  3. Oh my goodness! That place looks absolutely breathtaking. I would love to go there someday! Your pictures are amazing.