Sunday, May 31, 2009

Senior Night Out

Friday night we took our 3 seniors from church out to honor them and their accomplishments. We had such a great time, but boy do I feel old. We stayed up until 3:30 am, and I am still trying to recooperate. The night started with Osaka, a Japanese Tepenyaki grill. None of the kids had ever eaten at a Tepenyaki grill, so it was fun to watch them experience it for the first time. Then, we went over to a putt- putt place here in town. It's not like normal putt-putt, cause it's on an actual golf course, and you're putting on "normal-like" challenging greens- with bunkers.

After a full belly and fun putt-putting we headed over to Walmart for some free fun entertainment. We played a game that really got the competition flowing. We played boys versus girls. We had 15 minutes to gather random items from around the store, and then we met back up and traded baskets. We had to put all of the items back in the correct position. First one to get all items back won. Well, of course the girls won! It was so funny! The girls had all random, girly things for the boys to put up- make- up, clothing pattern, baby toys, bra, card, etc.... and the boys had all random guy things like a car battery, a grill plug, pull ties, a picture leveler, a map.... so needless to say it was difficult for both side to get everything up in the right spot.

After Walmart we headed back to the house for some yummy fondue. Then we played 2 games of Clue and watched Mall Cop. Finally at 3:30 we all turned in.

We ended up getting up at 7:30 because Julia had to go to work, and we wanted to make breakfast before she left. We had cinnamon waffles and turkey bacon.

Here are a few pictures from our fun night out:
Today we also had some activities at church to honor our 3 grads. Julia, Janelle, and Mike made display boards with photos on them for people to look at over the next few weeks in the foyer. Lantz gave them new study Bibles in front of the whole congregation, after saying a few words about each of them, and then he prayed over them and the journey that they have ahead of them. We then topped the afternoon off with a good old pot- lucky. Yummy!

Now.... I think it's time to nap and catch back up on my sleep.... I so don't want to go to work this week. Is it summer yet?

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  1. Sounds like fun. I want to play that Walmart game! We had our Senior Sunday and a potluck at church yesterday, too. Hope you got your nap! I went home and took a 2-hour nap. ha!