Thursday, May 21, 2009

Long Week

Sorry guys, I know it's been a few days since my last post, but it has been a crazy week. Tuesday we had some friends over from church to our house to eat. It was alot of fun! I made a spinach artichoke dip and used a recipe I never had before, and it was really yummy! We grilled out pork loin, chicken legs, corn on the cob, zucchini, squash, and red onion, and then one of the other ladies brought some yummy Hello Dolly desserts and a homemade lemon cake with cream cheese frosting. It was so neat to all get together and spend time fellowshiping.

Today was an exciting day for my students. For this whole quarter we have been studying the Holocaust and reading different historical articles and Holocaust memoirs. Today was great because every year I bring in a Holocaust survivor that lives here in Las Vegas. His name is Stephen Nasser, and his story is amazing. He has written a memoir, and he travels all around the nation sharing his story to those willing to listen. The kids are fascinated by his story and are in awe that they actually get to meet someone who survived all the terrors of Hitler. It is an hour and a half presentation for all 500 7th graders, and they are so quiet because they want to hear every thing that he has to say. They also have the opportunity to meet him and buy a copy of his book, which he autographs to them, after the presentation. This is one of the highlights of my year, because it is always good to hug Stephen's neck again and listen to his powerful words. Here we are together:

His memoir is called My Brother's Voice. I think I recommended it to you guys before, but if you didn't read it, I'll recommend it again. Stephen was only 13 when he and his brother were sent to the dreaded Auschwitz, and then to Muldorf concentration camp. It blows me away what this man has witnessed and what he lived to tell about. There are several time while reading the book that I thought Stephen should have lost his life, but by some miracle he managed to survive. He witnessed his uncle being shot to death by a Nazi soldier who tried to play a joke on him; he saw his baby cousin ripped from his Aunt's hands only to have his head smashed against the wheel of a railroad car; he was beaten endlessly over and over; he smuggled a knife into the concentration camp by sticking it up his bottom; he cursed God when other prisoners found berries to eat and by the time he arrived to the bushes they were gone- but found out the next morning that the berries were poisonous and those that ate had died; he was thrown into a death barrack where they sent prisoners to die and no one every came back and yet he did by eating straw to stay alive; he risked his life to sneak into the sick bay to visit his brother only to say hello to his brother and have him die in his arms; he survived an air raid of machine guns in the death train he was riding in; he was thought to have been dead upon liberation by the soldiers who found him laying under other dead prisoners on the train; after liberation and recovery he found out that his mother had died 3 weeks after liberation of Bergen-Belsen; he found out that of his 21 family members sent to concentration camps he was the only one to survive. His story is moving and powerful, and will teach you about love and the will to survive, and not to loose hope even in the most horrible times. Read it- it will not disappoint.



  1. Wow - that is incredible. I am making a mental note of that book right now.

  2. Jessica - I don't know if you remember me, but I found your blog through Aja's. We go to church Aja & Landon. It was good to "see" you again and "catch up" with you. Our blog is at

  3. I definitely want to read that book now!!