Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lantz's Project

Lantz has been wanting shelving units in our garage since we moved in. Shelves for your garages are EXPENSIVE, so we haven't gotten anything. When we were in Myrtle Beach, Lantz went into a neighbors garage and saw the shelving units they had with 2 by 4s, and thought that he could make some like that. So we decided after we get home from Europe that we'd try to save some money for wood so that he could make some shelving units for our garage.

Interesting story.... Lantz was coming home from work last week and he saw a man pulling wood from a garage into a big pile. He asked the man what he was going to do with wood, and the man was like, "I don't know." Lantz asked him if he would take $20 for it. The man ended up saying that he would take $20 for it. So Lantz got a ton of wood that would have cost about $80. Needless to say he was super excited! So, he's been in the garage every day this week working away on his new shelves. It's so funny... he's like a kid in the candy store out there just planning, and drawing, and cutting, and sawing, and screwing the brackets on... it's so cute! He is totally a boy. He is acting, I imagine, the way I would on a thousand dollar shopping spree.

He's almost done and they look so good. When he's all the way done I'll post before and after pictures. It will be nice when they are done and we have an organized garage, but I think it will be a little sad for Lantz cause he won't have anything to work on and get so excited about!

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  1. Jess you can send Lantz with me to Uganda because i will have more projects than he can handle.