Monday, May 11, 2009

Celebration Weekend

Lantz finished his last night of class 2 weeks ago at the University of Phoenix, and will officially graduate on June 6th. This Marriage and Family Therapy degree has not been a walk in the park for him, and so I really wanted to do something special for him in honor of his accomplishment. Last Monday I gave him a home-made card inviting him to a special weekend surprise, and so on Friday night and Saturday we celebrated! (Let me just say that I had this weekend planned for a few weeks, and so it was really hard to keep it a secret and I almost slipped on several different occasions.)

Friday night we got all dressed up and went to the restaurant Texas De Brazil. This restaurant came to Vegas about a year ago, and Lantz has been wanting to go since then. He went to a Brazilian steakhouse once when he was in Brazil in college, and kept telling me over and over again how amazing it was and how we have to go to one. Well, if you've ever been, you know it's not cheap. So, we've never gone over the past year because of the price. But.... I did some research online and signed up for their email club and they sent me an email for a 25% off coupon that had to be used in one month- only thing is that you can't use the coupon on a Saturday... hints why we went on Friday. If you want to sign up, click HERE. But thanks to that coupon and us still splurging quit a bit- we went and enjoyed ourselves.

Well, so how was it you ask? AMAZING!!! Holy cow was it awesome! Lantz was so surprised and so happy - not to mention proud of me for finding the coupon. If you've never gone- you need to experience it at least once. There is this amazing gourmet salad bar- fancy cheeses, veggies, lobster bisque, shrimp, etc.... yummy! And then you have these little poker looking chips on your table, and if you turn it from red to green you have servers who will come to your table with swords of meat and cut you as much as you want. They had 2 different kinds of steak (my favorite- they were so incredibly moist it's not even funny! Every bite melted in my mouth), fillet minion, lamb, 2 different kinds of chicken, ribs, a briskety thing... I don't know... lots more but I can't think- I'm pretty sure they said 15 different kinds total. But it was awesome!!! Here we are before I night on the town- not the greatest picture, but we did the best we could:

On Saturday I woke up early before Lantz and cooked him breakfast and packed a picnic lunch. We had turkey bacon and amazing French Toast for breakfast... yummy! I then gave him a new orange (his favorite color) Nike dry fit shirt for him to wear for the morning. I then took him up to Mount Charelston where we hiked for a few hours. (Most people don't know that right outside the city limits of Vegas we have a mountain... with snow.... crazy! It's only 30 minutes exactly from our house.) We had done the hike 2 other times, but it was so nice to do it again. Lantz is always asking if I want to go hiking and I tend to turn him down, but since this weekend was all about him we went! Check out the pictures:

Here are Lantz and Cooper playing in the snow by a waterfall:

And here are two different pictures of us at the top of Mount Charleston:
When we got back from our hike we cleaned up and headed down to the strip. (Surprisingly, we don't go down there very much. Typically just when we have people visiting and we're playing tour guides!) I got some free tickets from a friend at work to Nathan Burton's Comedy Magic show at the Flamingo. We had never been in the Flamingo, and so going into a different hotel is always an adventure. I thought it would be kinda run down cause it's one of the older hotels, but surprisingly it was really nice. The show was really good too! I aslo had no idea that Nathan Burton was on America's Got Talent. He was very impressive. Lantz got called on stage (perfect cherry to the top of a sundae celebration in his honor) and got to particpate in a comedy act. He was so funny! I was laughing so hard I started crying! A few of the magic tricks we think we figured out how they worked, but Nathan Burton did several that just blew us away! I also packed candy for us in my purse for us to eat in the show- Lantz loved this!

(Side note... shows in Las Vegas are amazing, but they are all really expensive. We've been blessed since we've lived here to go to several different shows (only paying for 2- neither of which we paid full price for). Here are the ones we've gone to: O at Belagio, Le Reve at Wynn, Ka ta MGM, Blue Man at the Venetian, Stomp Out Loud at Planet Holleywood, Steve Wyrick Magic at Planet Holleywood, Danny Gans (who died in his sleep last week- so sad- he was only like 50), Chinese Acrabatic show at Sahara, and now Nathan Burton. We both really want to see Mystere at Treasure Island, and I want to see Lion King at Manadaly Bay and Phantom of the Opera at Venetian. Sorry- that was a long side note.)

After that we ate at On the Border and went home to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Food was awesome... movie kinda depressing and wierd.

We then ended the celebration weekend with a drink from Starbucks before chuch on Sunday morning. We had such a great time, and it was fun for me to surprise Lantz in some fun ways for his accomplishment. Congratulations again Lantz! I love you so much and I'm so proud of you!


  1. You are so sweet, Jessica! Sounds like an amazing weekend. Now with that degree, come home!

  2. WOW! I am way impressed. Sounds like such a fun weekend.

  3. are so good and creative. Sounds like ya'll had a great weekend and much deserved!

  4. i LOVEEEEEE Tejas de is my FAVORITE!!!! Also, if you book for the day after Valentines, you can get 25% OFF! And, I am so jealous you can effortlessly go hiking! And that was really sweet of you to plan all the for him! Aren't you the best wife ever!