Monday, April 20, 2009

The Story of the Pink Fishing Pole

The last time we went fishing, my fishing pole broke. The reel stopped coming in when I would try to bring my line in. So, needless to say, I have been planning on getting a new one since then. We are soon going with the youth group to Utah to camp and fish, so I have been planning on getting one soon.

A few weeks ago Lantz and I were walking through Sportsman Authority (? I think that's right?) cause they are going out of business, and we wanted to see if there were any good deals. Well, there just happened to be an amazingly, super cute pink fishing pole in there. Obviously I wanted it- due to needing a new one, and it being pink and only $20. This was a really nice heavy duty, hard core fishing pole. It was probably originally around $70. Lantz thought it would be better to wait a few weeks, cause he thought they'd still be open and having an even better sale. He thought we could get it for cheaper. "Besides," he said, "there are 3 pink ones, and who is going to want a pink fishing pole. They will still have them in a few weeks." Great idea in theory.... not so true.

So, Saturday we went back for the amazing, super nice, hard core pink fishing pole. We walked in, and there was still a huge selection of items... didn't think anything. Started walking across the store to the right section. Saw some poles sticking up as we neared the fishing section, and got excited. Got closer, and then realized..... there are no pink fishing poles. As a matter of fact, all of the super nice ones, in a variety of colors- including pink, were all GONE! I almost cried. The only ones left were the poles that you have to buy a separate motor for- none of which are colored and are way to expensive considering we don't fish very often in Vegas. I was so sad, and a little upset at Lantz, cause he was, by the way, the one who said, "Who would want a pink fishing pole anyway..." Well, apparently 3 other people in Vegas wanted a pink fishing pole. So I was sad. So we left the store... with no pink fishing pole.

Well, Sunday night after church we went to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. While we were there we decided to go see if they had a fishing pole for me. They did have several poles. They had some similar to the pink one in different colors, but they were $70... again, we don't fish enough for me to spend that much on a pole... and needless to say, it upset me, and even Lantz, that we didn't get the pink one a few weeks ago- cause we would have gotten an amazing deal. But, I did end up with a pink fishing pole. It is a cheapy that I got for $10, but the guy said it would be just fine. So here is my non-expensive, non-heavy duty, not as cute as the other pink pole for $20 that my husband said would still be there pole, but my PINK fishing pole:
Hope you enjoyed the story of the pink fishing pole. The moral of the story- If you see something on sale and you want to get it and you think it is a good deal- you should buy it instead of hoping that you'll get it later for even cheaper- cause someone else will probably buy it while you are being to frugal not to get it.

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