Saturday, April 4, 2009


I hate rain. No reallly. If there is one good thing about Vegas it's that it doesn't rain here hardly ever. We're talking like 4 inches average a year. Well, that doesn't seem to be the case in Europe. Supposedly it rains alot over there- in particular when we're going to be over there. So, we've been told by several people, and research online, that we need a light weight rain jacket to bring with us to Europe in case it rains while we're there.

We looked at some a month or so ago, but they were way to expensive for us. Well, today while we were out and about we each found a rain jacket on sale! I got a purple one that was originally $80 at TJ Maxx $30, but on the sale rack there just for me for $20. (Lantz and I debated if I should get the solid black one, or the purple one, but we both agreed that the purple was way cuter, and that I'd probably regret not getting it if I got the black one.) Lantz found a Columbia red and black one at this sports store that is going out of business. His was originally $50, but he got it on sale for $21. We are so excited about our new "cheap" jackets! Here are pictures of our new jackets - with hoods up so you can get the full effect if it was really raining what we'd look like:


The following is a picture of Lantz with his jacket.
He was like, "I can't believe that you are making me take a picture with this jacket for your blog." And I was like, "Oh, you know you want to be on my blog." Then he smiled and posed like I asked him to for his picture:
Some bummer news about Myrtle Beach is that it's supposed to be all rainy a few days while we are there. The good news though is that we have new rain jackets that we can pack just in case they are needed. Yeah for new rain jackets!



  1. Ooh! I love your purple jacket. What a great deal!

  2. I found your blog through Kristal's, it looks so great, you are obviously very creative and artistic!!! I LOVE your purple jacket, way better than black, definitely!