Friday, February 27, 2009

New Office!!

I know, I know... the moment that you've all been waiting for (or at least I have). Finally the office is done! Yeah fun! This spontaneous project of ours has quickly become my favorite room of the house. Here are the before and after pictures:

As you can see the "before" was pretty awful. We did have some things on the shelves, but this was pretty much it. We were not to concerned with this room because it's upstairs and no one else really ever saw it. But look at it now:

And here is our office chair since you can't really see it behind the desk:
The desk we got on sale at Target online. The end table came from Target store on sale. The curtains and pillow also came from Target, but unfortunately not on sale. The red chair and lamp I got at Home Goods. The bookshelf was ours, just a cheapy one that was being given away. It was originally brown, but we painted it black. The desk chair we bought at a consignment shop, and I pushed the seat cushion out and re-covered it in some fabric that I got to match the room. The bulletin board was a super cheapo one of Lantz's that's been sitting in the closet. We painted it red and then I put a black boa around it that I had sitting in the closet. Most of the accessories came from other parts of the house, or on sale from Kohles or Ross.The color on the walls is Japanese Fern (Behr's eggshell paint). We also got the paint on sale at Home Depot.

I can't tell you how much I really like this room. It all started on a whim while killing time at Home Goods. I fell in love with the chair and the lamp and the rest of the room fell into place from there. I'm pretty proud of the room, because I wouldn't say that interior design is one of my strengths.

We left the wall above the chair empty for now. We'd like to take pictures from our Europe trip and do a wall of black and white frames with black and white pictures of some of our soon to be favorite memories from our vacation.

We got some amazing deals and made some good money on Craig's List by selling our old office "stuff." Also, our neighbors had a stationary exercise bike sitting out for the trash to pick up, and Lantz and I got it and sold it on Craig's List for cash. Lantz also used some of his Free $400 gift cards that he got in the mail (see my post from Feb. 23rd for more info. on free gift cards).

I would totally recommend this style as an option in any room that you are looking to re-do. I think it would be a really fun nursery for all of you expecting moms out there- for a girl or a boy. Just an idea.

Now you can all imagine the room where I sit and write to all of you. So, what do you think?


  1. So cute--I love it. Our office is beginning to look a little drab now in comparison...I might have to make it my spring break project! :)

  2. Okay seriously! Cutest Office EVER! Good Job, Jess!! So blogging is a new thing for me. Just been doing is since January, but I am enjoying it! So you should be a follower of my blog because I base the success of my blog on how many followers I have. :-) hee hee! Hope you are well!