Monday, January 12, 2009

TV Talk

Even though we don't have cable I do have a few shows that I do try to keep up with. The newest show that I've added to my list is "Privileged." If you haven't seen it I'd totally recommend it. Megan just graduates from Yale and really wants to be a high end writer. In the mean time she takes a job in Palm Beach tutoring some snotty rich girls. Megan is super good at school, kinda dorky and goofy, a good girl, and pretty passionate. I like her because I feel like I relate to her.
I also really love "Survivor." It's one of those shows that I can just really get into. I love to see the challenges that they come up with (some of them are so crazy!) My favorite seasons were with Ozzy- Cook Islands and the Fans vs. Favs in Micronesia. He was just crazy... he was like a fish and a cheetah combined! I was so mad that he didn't win the first time cause he so deserved it. I really enjoyed last season, Survivor Gabon, and found myself liking Sugar- surprisingly of all people- she was a pin up model and cried like every 5 minutes, but she seemed genuinely considerate and kind. I couldn't believe that Suzzy made it as far as she did. I was happy for Bob- I'm pretty sure he was the oldest person to ever be on Survivor - let alone win it. There are Survivor tryouts this Saturday in Vegas. I think I may go down and try out. I tried to fill out an application over the summer, but they weren't excepting them at that time. I think that they'd be filming this summer and I don't know if that's the greatest time or not since we are planning to go to Europe for two weeks this summer. The only thing I don't know if I'd be able to do is eat bugs, or anything else yucky. I also don't know about leaches or scary animals. What do you think? Could I do it? I don't know- I guess I already had my TV debue on Deal or No Deal. (PS- can't watch that show anymore... to many emotional memories. )(Here's a picture of Me and Howie just for fun!)
Okay... and finally one of my favorite shows... "The Bachelor." I know- so cheesy and repulsive at times... and yet I can't help it. I'm almost addicted. I just like to see who they will fall for. My favorite bachelor so far has been Brad Womack (a little biased since he was from Texas). He seemed so Southern and down to earth. I was really ready for him to pick DeAnna or Jenni. I really didn't have a favorite out of the two. When he didn't pick either I partially hated him, and then later respected his decision based on that he didn't feel he could pick either one cause he liked them both equally, so he assumed neither was right for him. I get it- kinda- but it still made me mad.(Above is Brad)
I loved the episode with Matt Grant: London Calling. I so wanted Shayne to win from the beginning, and when he picked her it was so romantic. The way she almost fell apart when he proposed was priceless. I loved that he called her his "monkey." Too bad that she cheated on him and they are no longer together. Sad. Here they are anyways for kicks:
Finally that brings us to DeAnna as the Bachelorette. I really liked her and really wanted her to find someone special. It was so obvious that she fell in love.... but she let him go. It was so plain that she was head over heals for Graham. But she didn't want to take a chance on him cause she was to afraid he'd break her heart like Brad did. She never should have let him go though- she even said she made a mistake when she let him leave. The guys in the house were even intimidated by him because of the way she looked at him. Here he is for all of you non watchers:
Graham is now dating ALL MY CHILDREN soap star Chrishell Stause. So because DeAnna didn't pick him... I really don't think she had many options left, no offence. She ended up picking snowboarder Jesse. I liked Jesse, and I think she did to.. but she wasn't in love with him. She tried to convince herself she was in love- but she wasn't. When it came down to single dad Jason and snowboarder Jesse- I think she just didn't wanted to be a mom yet. So of course you guessed it- they are no longer together she later told him in an airport (supposedly) that she loved him- she just wasn't in love wiht him. Here they are (sorry so small):
With DeAnna picking Jesse that leaves Jason out in the cold, so wouldn't you know that he is now currently the Bachelor. I really don't like him. He may be my least favorite bachelor yet, but I'll still watch. So far, after only viewing the first episod I really like Mellissa who is from TEXAS (yeah)! She used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She is really peppy and outgoing. We'll see if I continue to like her as the show goes on. Here is Jason giving her a rose to stay the first night:So.. for some of you out there you may not have appreciated this post. That's okay- I just wanted to get out all my TV talk. I don't have any kids, so I have to think of something to blog about. And this way with all of yall out there who actually watch these shows- we can chat about them.
PS: An interesting side note- all of our shows in Vegas start later. A show that starts at 7 yalls time doesn't come on til 8 our time. So if we want prime time tv we gotta stay up later. Hince the reason why I watch TV online most of the time. Fewer commericals and I can watch at my convience. This includes the Bachelor- so don't tell me anything right after a show airs or you'll ruin it for me cause I probably won't watch it until sometime later that week. Happy watching to all yall!!

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