Sunday, January 25, 2009

True Believer

I just finished True Believer by Nicholas Sparks, and it was awesome- just like all of his other books. This book is about Jeremy who writes articles about mysterious things. He lives in New York, but heads south to the small town of Boone Creek to research some "ghosts" in a cemetery. Of course he needs to spend alot of time at the library researching lengends and the history of the town, which means spending lots of time with the cute librarian Lexie. She's been hurt by out-of-towners before, so she's not interested in Jeremy's flirting. Then she starts to think that maybe he's not like everyone else.

This book is great because you've got a little mystery mixed with your love story. This book also has a great ending-- I loved the last line. (If you read the back before the front it will ruin it- just don't do it- read the whole thing and enjoy it.)

Nicholas Sparks is a fabulous writer. It's so easy to get absorbed into his stories. I have like 3 or 4 more of his books to read before I've read them all. They are like treasures. I've had them on the shelf for a little while, but I've got to take small bites so they are not all gone. I have to throw in other reads before I let myself get started with another one. It will make me sad when I've completely read them all, because then I'll just have to sit and wait for new ones. If you've never read anything by Sparks- you should. They are easy "beach reads." I don't know if I have a favorite. I really have enjoyed all of them, so you can't go wrong with anything that he's written.

Happy reading!


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  1. Thanks to seeing you liked his books... I just got one on cd to listen to on the way back and forth to Wilmington. Great so far....I'll have to read more of his books. Thanks!!