Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I really don't know what I'd do professionally other than teach. It's just something that I've always known I wanted to do. And, believe it or not- I love middle school. Yes, they have their moments, but I really enjoy the age group. They are old enough that I don't have to walk them to the bathroom, but they are young enough to still want their teacher to like them (well, some of them).

The first time my principal showed me my room, I couldn't believe how many desks there were in it. I told her she could move some to other classrooms if she needed to, but she let me know that I would need all 41 of them (actually I've had to bring in one more on occasion for 42). This year I have had some of my smallest classes yet. This year I only have one class of 41- yeah! One of the reasons why I have smaller classes this year is because I have taken on two CC classes. These are classes that have students in them that have an IEP- or another words they have some accommodations to help them learn. I also have a co-teacher those two classes which is so GREAT!! I still have 2 regular reading classes and 1 accelerated (honors) reading class.

I thought some of you'd like to see some pictures of my cool classroom. I've got some cool construction stuff for: "Building Reading Skills," my Texas flag (essential so everyone knows where my heart belongs), and my "Go Wild about Reading."

Here are some pictures of some of the amazing women that I get to work with every day. Below is a picture of Arbenia. She is my co-teacher 4th and 6th period and she rocks! I LOVE working with her. We are a great team- I couldn't do CC classes with out her.

The next picture is of our awesome 7th grade reading department (minus Arbenia and Mr. Charles who teaches 1 7th grade reading class). We plan everything together, and in my opinion we are one of the strongest teams on campus. Dayna is on the far right in blue and she has 2 of the cutes little boys ever. Darla is in the middle and she has triplets in 7th grade. I'm actually fortunate enough to teach 2 of her 3 this year.

So last, but definitely not least, are my best friends at school. I love these women. They are such amazing and inspiring women. We have so much fun when we all get together. Jenn is in yellow, and she is new to our school this year. We are so happy that she's here. Every day I look forward to seeing her outfits because she is so trendy. Janis is in the bottom left corner with her fists up. She is one of the funnest people ever! She has 3 awesome kids (I got to teach the youngest) and her husband is in the Highway Patrol. He's always on the news. Darla is in the back, and she's in the reading department with me. These women are God- fearing and really encouraging to me on my walk with Christ. I love them-- did I mention that??
So here is part of my day- the place I spend it and some of the people I spend it with!
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