Sunday, January 25, 2009


REI is such a fun store. Lantz and I went there last night to start pricing backpacks for our Europe trip. I'm not really very granola, but I do always find things there that make me wish I was more granola. (Granola is a term that Lantz and I use to describe outdoorsy, tree- hugging, granola eating people.) Of course I go straight for the way cute lime green one, but the lady there quickly let me know that the cute one was not what I needed to travel around Europe with. Instead she pointed out a much cheaper, more functional, yet still cute pack. It was so fun! I also saw like 5 North Face things that I loved. We didn't buy anything yet because we needed to come home and do our research first. I leave you with a picture of the cute, yet functional pack that the REI lady found for me.

PS- We also went to Chilis last night on gift cards from Christmas. We have been trying to eat out less. Last night was our first time out to eat since returning home from Texas over Christmas break. It's been much healthier for us, and we've saved some money.


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