Sunday, January 11, 2009


In case yall didn't know Lantz and I don't have cable television. I know, I know... who in the world still doesn't have cable? Well, the answer is us. When we moved out here we decided budget-wise that it would be best to go without cable. Well, 4 years later we still don't have it, and I'm good with it- most of the time. There are those moments when I have a craving to watch What Not To Wear or HGTV, but really I'm good with it.

So, because we only have like 5 channels we sometimes get stuck at home with not a lot to choose from as far as entertainment. (We just got internet mind you last year.) So we saw this infomercial like eight thousand times about this work out thing called P90X from Beachbody (if you're familiar with this company- which I was not). Lantz and I both have tried to walk and run and do crunches fairly regularly (more so in the summer considering we have to wear swim wear occasionally). In case any of yall are like us- it's hard to get into a routine and stick with it. And even when we did have a Y membership we'd go and do cardio for like 30 minutes and some weight training that we remembered from our good old high school basketball days. So really we weren't seeing great results cause we didn't really know how to target areas of our body.

Long story short, Lantz had been wanting to try P90X for awhile and so we finally got it from this lady at church who works somehow for Beachbody. We are currently on
day 2 of week 8. I am really proud of myself- and Lantz too of course. We have really been faithful about getting ourselves into shape (minus a few days over Christmas break when we were with our family). We eat pretty healthy for the most part, but now we feel more complete by adding this to our daily to-do list. It's hard, and there are days that I don't want to, but we've kept showing up and pressing play. (It's a DVD package where you put a different dvd in each day- there are like 10 total. You have weights, cardio, and core- and it works all parts of your body.)
I think that it has been a really good thing. They make you take day one, day thirty, day sixty and day ninety pictures so that you can see your results. You also have to measure all the parts of your body. I thought that Lantz's day thirty pictures showed more results than mine- but that's okay. I've noticed that my pants aren't fitting- they are getting to baggy. (And if you are wondering if I'll post my pictures...we'll see... if I like my day 90 pictures and am impressed by the change I'll let you in on it.) I think we would see even better results if we stuck to the eating plan- but I'm just not going to lie- I have no desire to completely rid my life of yummy tasting food. I will moderate and eat healthy, but I'm not going crazy like they want. I feel better about my self image even if there is still a little tummy I'd like to see gone. If yall are looking for something that tells you what to do and when to do it and ya wanna see some results- then I would recommend it.

PS- Each video is about an hour long- some are shorter and only Yoga is longer- an hour and a half. 3 days a week you have an Ab Ripper video to do too which adds 15 more minutes. (By the way Ab Ripper is only 15 minutes-- but it is way hard!! Oh- and I hate Yoga with a passion!)


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