Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grocery Shopping

A fun fact that you may not know about me is that I like going grocery shopping. Sometimes I drag Lantz with me, and sometimes I take that time to do the weekly shopping by myself. I totally have a system. I make a list and don't stray from it. (Sometimes when I go to Walmart I have a more difficult time staying on task because I see things that are so much cheaper.) I have to write down everything we need for the meals I have planned to cook that week and I try to only get what's on the list. I'm pretty good about sticking to it. Anyways... I typically enjoy going to the store and find it somewhat relaxing. (Of course I'd rather be doing some different type of shopping, but ya gotta eat.) Well, last night was not so great. I ended up with a bad basket. You know the one. You can't turn and half way down the isle it gets stuck where you can't even push it. I hate that! I try to always get a good one so it'll be a stress- less night of shopping. It was to late last night. I had already been through produce and half of isle one when I realized I got a crazy basket... so it was pure torture and it made my shopping seem so much longer. Crazy side note- In Texas we have Kroger, but out here the same store is called Smiths. Smiths carries all Kroger brand. Why is it not just called Kroger?


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  1. I think that's so cute that you always shop on Monday nights. That makes me want to always shop on Monday nights as well. I really do wish I had more rituals.

    Love your blog so far. You are so interesting...and I wouldn't have known what you were up to without this blog!

    PS I love the Vegas facts. So fun to hear about. And tomorrow we are supposed to have 20 degree weather. Enjoy that 70 degrees!